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AuburnChick Wins the Jackpot

Folks, Las Vegas has redeemed herself in AuburnChick’s eyes!

No, I didn’t win at the slot machines. Nothing as exciting as that (winning money is always a thrill, eh?). I won a jackpot of a different kind. But more on that later.

First of all, I feel the need to apologize. My previous post was a bit negative. I have learned that you should never blog when you’re tired and, hence, grumpy. Apparently, waking up at 3:30 in the morning and then flying across country, changing time zones three times, can leave one a bit less than 100%. I think that the fatigue, combined with the bright lights and noise of the slot machines, left me feeling overwhelmed. Plus, I was a bit disappointed with the hotel. Hence, my less-than-impressive first impression.

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you. Friday, I woke up bright-eyed and busy-tailed, ready to take on this town. I had already found a couple of knitting stores through MapMuse.com. I had called Wooly Wonders the afternoon before to ensure they had the good yarn. My original plan was to visit this store because it was close to the hotel. However, I got up so early that I was eager to get started on my adventure. So, I decided to brave the road, and I headed for the other store, which was further away. Boy am I glad I did!

Warning: The following pictures are not for the faint of heart.

But first…pictures of my trip there. Look at the car we rented! I like this car! I felt sporty, like a hot young mama (one can have their delusions…it is Vegas, after all!).

Here’s the view I had as I drove:

I was thrilled to find two good Christian radio channels. I was singing, enjoying the scenery, and anticipating what was to come. Would my expectations be met???

Here’s the first store I went to — Gail Knits.

What a fabulous store!!! The outside is very deceptive. Here’s what I saw when I entered…

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! I felt like a two-year old at Disney World! A gal came up and asked if she could help me. I could barely talk, blubbering like some crazy lady. I slowed down and calmly explained that I was AuburnChick from Podunk, U.S.A., and that I had never seen such a marvelous array of yarn before! She invited me to pet the yarn. I did the mad dash. However, she tried to explain all about how some of the yarns were spun, etc.

“Lady,” I wanted to say, “Let me be…not enough time and so much to see.” But I didn’t. I politely listened until she saw the glazed look in my eyes and wandered off, allowing me the freedom to wander. What a marvelous, stupendous place! I saw yarns I’d only seen online. Cascade, Tofutsies, Rowan…I could go on and on…

Now, here’s where the practical side of me came out. If I’m going to buy yarn, I must know what I’m going to make. So undecided…I finally called over another lady, who wound up being the owner. She chuckled at my enthusiasm and patiently answered all of my questions. I’m sure I must have sounded and acted like the country bumpkin I am. I was overwhelmed, but this time the words “cheesy” do not come to mind. Glorious is more like it.

So, on to the good stuff. Here’s what I walked out with.

Bamboo!!! Oh my! I’ve heard about the stuff but have never touched it! It is some of the softest stuff I’ve ever had the privilege of touching.

I’m going to make the Bamboo Lacy Jacket. It’s an in-house pattern.

This is some Cascade yarn. It’s green. The picture does not do it justice. I’m going to make a beret to match the fingerless gloves in my queue.

This is more Cascade yarn. Sorry I can’t be more specific on the color, but I’m sitting on the soccer field as I type this. I think I’m going to make a hat out of this as well.

Here are a couple of skeins of Tofutsies.

A funny story…I was eyeing the bamboo and the three skeins of Tofutsies on the shelves. There wasn’t enough of the bamboo for the project, so I was debating whether or not to purchase it. Plus, Gail didn’t have a color of Tofutsies that I liked. However, I stayed so long that she got in a delivery. You guessed it…more bamboo and Tofutsies yarn. I heard God speak…”Nathalie, this yarn was meant for you…” <giggle>

So, I walked out of the store quite a bit poorer but floating on air. What a great start to the day! But the day was only just beginning…

I decided I had spent enough money, and I proceeded to head back toward the hotel. Conveniently, the Las Vegas Strip was on my way. Having missed the fun the night before, I decided to take a drive. Here are the photos I took, from the window of my car. I have to say that the strip is impressive. It’s amazing how big and ornate these hotels are.

So, after driving down the strip, I realized that I still had plenty of time before I had to go the soccer fields. Mustn’t let an opportunity like this go to waste. I punched the address to Wooly Wonders into the GPS.

What a find! The yarn selection was not as big as Gail Knits, but it was a cozy place with the nicest gals!

Here’s what I bought at this store…

Noro, for a friend. I’m going to make her a booga bag.

I can’t remember the name of this yarn, but it’s just gorgeous! It’s deep blue with a hint of purple in it. I’m going to make a shawl/wrap thing from a lace book I purchased at the store.

Here’s some reading material for the plane.

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the soccer aspect of this trip. Just look at these gorgeous fields…

The mountains provide a backdrop that is simple awe-inspiring. God’s handiwork is something to behold.

Here’s a picture of “Stitch,” a dog that someone on another team brought to the game. I’m throwing it in cause I thought you might enjoy it.

The girls won their game, beating the Nevada state champs! We’re playing the #2 team from California (my hands are freezing as I type this), and we’ll play the Colorado state champs this afternoon. Wish us luck!

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