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A Ghoulish Aroma

As you might know, I am a teensy bit hooked on Scentsy warmers.

I just cannot help myself because they are so darned cute!

As a high school teacher, I don’t have to do all of the froo-froo things that elementary and middle school teachers do.

My bulletin boards aren’t very fancy, unless you’re talking about my newest college/career ready board.

My handwriting and project skills are lacking as well.

So, when I can infuse a bit of fun without having to draw, well, I’m all over that!

Here’s the latest warmer I picked up from my friend, Heather, this past week…

His eyes light up when the warmer is turned on.  My pictures did not come out very well, so I didn’t upload them.

Heather dropped a little surprise into my bag…one I found when I got home.

She gave me a brick of a new aroma, Cider Mill, that will be available beginning in October.  She also included a card that thanked me for being a loyal customer.  It was a very thoughtful gesture and one that I appreciated immensely.

Frankenstein will make his appearance in my classroom on October 1st.  I anticipate interesting reactions as my students take notice of his presence.

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