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Vegan Chocolate Cake!

A couple of weeks ago, Christina posted a link on my Facebook wall.

The link took me to a recipe for a Vegan Chocolate Cake.

The recipe didn’t call for many ingredients.  The only thing I was lacking was the time to make it.

I found that time today.

After sending the Mr. after the ingredients I didn’t already have in the house, I got busy.

Prep time was about ten minutes, tops.

I poured the batter into a 9″ round pan, adding parchment paper and a sprinkling of flour to prevent sticking.

Per a comment I had read below the recipe, I set the timer for 35 minutes.

Here’s what it looked like when I pulled it out of the oven…

The Mr. came in for a taste.

He’s a picky sort of fellow.  Cake is important to him.

Even he had to agree that the cake was moist.

He also agreed that nobody would EVER guess that this cake could be given the “vegan” label, which typically makes people turn their noses up at things.

Oh word, but this cake is tres delicious!

I’m ecstatic because I can FINALLY eat dessert!!!

I highly recommend this recipe!

AuburnChick is a Photographer!

I started working on my Greenaway Fingerless Gloves last night. I even completed the first one, but I decided not to post a picture until I’ve finished the second one.

So, not wanting to disappoint my faithful readers, I pondered about what to post today. I have a picture I want to share. It’s on my phone, though. Of course, when I bought my Macbook Pro, the phone software was not compatible. Go figure. I love the Mac…I’m just starting to stare down my phone (I can’t wait until November…contract will be up, and I will get a new phone!).

Anyhow…I turned into computer techno mode.

My children cringe when I get “In the Zone.” You know what I’m talking about…blank stare straight ahead, not really hearing what they are saying.

“Hey, Mama…I’m going out drinking with the guys.”

“Have a good time,” you say to your 13 year old.

So, I was “In the Zone.” I must figure out a way to get these pictures off of my phone. No longer do I want one picture. Oh no…I want them ALL.

I tried using my daughter’s laptop first, feeling pressured because:

a) She does not like letting me “borrow” her computer even though I am the person who fixes it every time something goes wrong,

b) Same daughter keeps peering around the screen and asking, “What are you doing now? Are you being your nosy self and reading my email?”

She’s clearly forgotten that I’m “In the Zone.” She could be planning a rendevous with Prince William for all I know or care at the moment.

The pressure was too much. I decided to use my son’s laptop instead. Daughter nearly tore her computer out of my hands in her desperation to get her prized possession back.

I connected the phone and laptop, and the driver installed. Good so far. Nope…not really. I can’t get the computer to read my phone. Rats. Fortunately, I had long ago installed a little program called BitPim. It’s useful for grabbing stuff off of your phone. You can even use it to install your own ringtones. I’ve done this. Trust me…I’m a computer geek at heart.

But the program wasn’t cooperating. I sink further into “The Zone.”

“Mama, what’s for dinner?”

“You mean you’re not done growing yet? I thought after the age of 10 I didn’t have to feed you anymore.”

Daughter warmed up leftovers.

I start clicking buttons now…out of a sense of frustration. I have no idea how, but all of a sudden I got a green light. This means that the phone is connected! I’ve always heard that God is merciful. Well, okay, I’ve experienced His mercy many times, but it is nice to be reminded that He sees you in all your pain. Yes, even the pain of a frustrated, self-taught computer geek who only wants to grab a few pictures (correction…ALL the pictures) from her phone. Nothing major, you know.

Here are a few of the better ones…

This is the cake that one of my co-workers made for me. My birthday is coming up, and my office has a monthly celebration. A neat tidbit is that I was born on Easter Sunday (just in case you are ever a contestant on Jeopardy, and Alex asks you this question).

I made the next two pictures a little bigger so you can see better.

This picture is Pele, my daughter’s dog. He always stretches out and gets comfortable. He’s not shy, as you can see…baring his entire 70lb+ body…

The next picture is one you’ll have to look at real closely. That’s my Molly. There was a bone on the counter, and you better believe that she knew it was there. The dogs had been taking turns climbing on the couch and trying to figure out if their bodies were long enough to reach it. You could see the wheels in their brains turning. These are, after all, AuburnChick’s dogs. They ain’t dumb.

Sometimes, I like to take the dogs with me when I pick up my daughter from school. Imagine three not-small dogs in a Jeep. Should be cute, right? It is, until all of the high schoolers start walking out. Then the dogs start barking like crazy. My daughter is not amused.

This is Aubie — best dog in the world. She is so good…you just have no idea. She’s the oldest. You can talk to her like she’s a regular person. She LOVES going for rides!

Pele likes riding…to a point. He’s the whiner in the bunch. He’s the biggest baby you’ll ever see. But he’s so big that you just want to carry him around like a teddy bear.

And here’s Molly. This picture makes her look like the rascal that she is. She’s the child you have when you’re 40 and thought you were done. Yep…she’s my wild-child, but we just adore her.

And the last picture…well, it really is random. This is a dessert that I got when we went to San Diego for Thanksgiving.

Why in the world would I take a picture of food? People…it’s CHOCOLATE! It was so delicate and pretty. I had to share it. It looks like something from a TV food show. It was delicious too.

So, that’s it for now. I hope to have my other glove done tomorrow so I can post pictures!

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