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Weekend Visit

My Chicky is coming home for the weekend!!!

Her room is ready, adorned with her favorite flowers…

The dogs were excited after she phoned at 8am to tell us that she had just hit the road…

Well, okay.  Maybe excited is a little too strong a word to describe the moment captured above.  Rather, they began waking up to a day that was sure to be busy…

Somehow, I suspect that baths were not the dogs’ idea of fun, although they certainly felt good afterward…

Chicky hasn’t actually been home in a year.  We spent Christmas at the in-laws’ house.  It’s in-between our home and Chicky’s, and she didn’t feel like driving all the way here when she’d only be here a day (our school break didn’t allow for much time between the beginning of it and Christmas Eve).

We don’t get to see Chicky as much now that she’s a totally legit teacher and all.  The Mr. and I ate dinner with when she met us at the Cowfish at CityWalk (Universal Studios) during Spring Break.

She’s coming into town to attend the wedding of a childhood friend.  It’s going to be a family affair.  That what these things are when you 1) grow up in the church together, 2) go through puberty together, 3) play travel soccer together, and 4) introduce said friend to the best school ever…Auburn University…by taking her to her first Auburn football game, teaching her the fight song, and listening to her sing it ALL THE WAY there and ALL THE WAY home.

And so Chicky is coming home.

My heart is the happiest it’s been in a long time. ❤

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