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Golden Vanilla Cupcakes – Vegan Friendly!

As you know, a couple of weeks ago, I purchased this book…

I paid more than I should have…purchased it locally instead of online where I could have gotten a better deal.


It has been worth every penny!

Last week, I made the mint chocolate cupcakes.

They had turned out extremely well.

Last night, I went for something that everyone would like…Golden Vanilla Cupcakes.

I made them “very” golden by adding tumeric, as the recipe suggested.  For the record, I found this spice at Target.  It was the ONLY place I could find it!  The cupcakes did, indeed, come out of the oven looking golden.

The icing for the mint cupcakes from the week before had turned out a bit too wet, so I was nervous this go-round.

This time I made the Vanilla Buttercream frosting.  I had even purchased non-hydrogenated margarine and shortening…vegan of course.

I followed the instructions EXACTLY and grew excited when I tasted it.

It was so sweet and…get this…LIGHT…just as the recipe described it.

I was able to use the icing contraption I’d purchased from Pampered Chef.  It came with several different tips.

The icing was the perfect consistency!

The most fun part was adding the Rich Ganache (there’s a special extra something in there to make it “rich” in nature) on top.

I wanted to drizzle it, but my usage of a fork and then a spoon proved horrible looking.

Chicky suggested I pour it into a baggie and snip the corner.

Genius idea!

The ganache was thinner than the buttercream frosting, so the icing contraption would not have sufficed.  The baggie worked beautifully!

I decorated all but one this way.  The Mr. didn’t want buttercream on his, so I only put ganache on that one.

I was eager for the family to try them given my preview of the icing.

Rooster had a friend over.  This friend’s mom is well known for her cooking, so I was nervous.

From the picture below, you can see that there weren’t many cupcakes left over after the first round of eating…

Chicky was amazed, once again, at the texture.

Both this and the mint chocolate cupcakes turned out moist and light.

The buttercream icing could not have turned out better.  It paired perfectly with the ganache.

If you’re looking for a healthier way of eating desserts, I highly recommend this book.

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