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From Last to First

Source: USA Today

I love the way USA Today opens up its article about Auburn winning the SEC Championship last night:

From last to first. From winless in the Southeastern Conference to confetti-splashed champions. From dysfunction to destiny.

You guys know I am a die-hard Auburn fan.

My students often give me a hard time about my allegiance, but I do teach mostly Alabama and FSU fans, so what can you expect.


Last year was particularly brutal, so I, along with the rest of my family and Auburn fans everywhere, held my breath when the 2013 season began.

I can’t say Auburn was impressive at the beginning.

It took several wins in a row to build trust.

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but after only a few short weeks, Auburn fans began smiling…genuinely…as we watched our guys, so full of character, come back time after time to win improbable games.

My Rooster was fortunate to attend the Mississippi State, Georgia, and Alabama games…nail-biters to the end.

He came home exhausted and nearly voiceless from stress, fatigue, and excitement.

As the mother of an athlete, I’ve watched hundreds of games and sat through many, many close finishes.  My heart has fluttered with nerves for the mamas and daddys watching their young men out on that field.

I cannot tell you how much I admire the Auburn players and coaches.

They dared to dream when hardly anyone believed in them.

They dared to defy the odds, disproving so-called “expert” predictions.

Led by a fearless group of coaches, they attempted the impossible and pulled rabbits from their hats.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget this season.  It ranks up there with the 2010 season when we won the National Championship.

In some ways, this year has been even sweeter because of how the team rebounded from the previous season when the stands were often half-empty and fans left at halftime.

I am definitely in the minority where I live…in a state dominated by Florida college football loyalty and, for some odd reason, Alabama too.

I am so proud to call myself an Auburn fan.

Thanks, guys, for showing, by example, what it means to pick yourself up and not allow anyone to label you as failures.

You are a wonderful example to the struggling readers I teach, and I nod my head in respect to your accomplishments this season.

College Gameday

I have always loved to watch football.

When I was a youngster and had a TV in my room, I would hole up on Sundays and cheer on the Broncos and the Redskins…my favorite teams.  How I selected them, I have no idea (except for the Broncos because I lived in Colorado until I was nine years old).

Growing up in Alabama, you have to choose sides quickly, or if you’re born in Alabama, the choice is made for you according to your parental units’ leanings.  Because I moved to Alabama when I was nine, I got to choose for myself.

I chose wisely.


It wasn’t long before I got sucked into the Iron Bowl rivalry that was talked about for weeks at school.

This is how I started watching college football.

The Mr. is a hardcore college football fan, and when we got married, there was the unspoken (and sometimes spoken) expectation that I would spend Saturdays glued to the TV, cheering on SEC teams…except for the OTHER school in Alabama, as well.

So I do…quite willingly…for I do love competition and respect athleticism.

With this being the first Saturday of college football this season, I thought I would celebrate accordingly…

Game Day!

Today is Auburn’s first game of the 2012 season, and we are raring to go here at Chez AuburnChick.

I made a visit to a new-to-me nail salon yesterday and had my nails done.  I knew I wanted Auburn colors but couldn’t find quite what I wanted as far as polish went.

The nail tech pulled the following bottles out of her drawer…

She has a customer who keeps the polish at the salon but allows the tech to use them on customers who want the colors (quite generous, eh?).

It looks like you can buy the polish through various sellers.  Here’s one place I found.

The tech did such a wonderful job on my nails that I returned today to have my toes painted while Rooster went to a friend’s daughter’s first birthday party.

Rooster and the Mr. picked up a party platter from Chick-fil-A.  They do like their chicken!

The party is on at Chez AuburnChick.

Bring on the college football!

We are ready!

National Champions!

Monday night, Auburn fans everywhere gathered around televisions.  The lucky 50,000 or so got to watch the action on-site.

With baited breath, we waited…

It came down to a field goal in the last four seconds of the game…

A hearty celebration followed…

Young and old alike joined in the jubilation…

Players could not stop smiling…

Good job, Tigers!  Thanks for an incredible season!  Let’s not wait another 54 years to grab the next championship!

(More photos can be seen here.)

College Football and Knitting

Can I tell you how happy I am now that football season has begun?

I am a huge college football fan.

Rooster created a group on ESPN’s College Pick ‘Em site.  Each week, the Mr., Rooster, and I make our picks and eagerly await the results.

It makes each Saturday a lot more fun because I now have a vested interest in the results.

I haven’t done so well this year, but it’s been fun all the same.

Sometimes, I pick for upsets, and sometimes I go with the flow and pick the teams favored to win.

The thing I enjoy most about college football Saturdays is the relaxed atmosphere around the house.  We’ll usually open the windows, because the weather has gotten cooler, eat “football” food, and just chill out.

It makes for great days of knitting.

On Friday, I learned that my friend, the Attendance Lady, has a birthday coming up.  So, I printed a couple of Joann’s coupons and headed out to buy some yarn.

I quickly churned out two Spa Cloths (Creative Knitting, January 2008).  I used Yellow and Cornflower Sugar ‘n Cream.  The cloths are blocking right now.

When they are dry, I’ll package them up with one of the candles I purchased a couple of weeks ago.

You’ve just gotta love the Fall and all of the activities it brings!

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