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Vegan Chocolate Cake!

A couple of weeks ago, Christina posted a link on my Facebook wall.

The link took me to a recipe for a Vegan Chocolate Cake.

The recipe didn’t call for many ingredients.  The only thing I was lacking was the time to make it.

I found that time today.

After sending the Mr. after the ingredients I didn’t already have in the house, I got busy.

Prep time was about ten minutes, tops.

I poured the batter into a 9″ round pan, adding parchment paper and a sprinkling of flour to prevent sticking.

Per a comment I had read below the recipe, I set the timer for 35 minutes.

Here’s what it looked like when I pulled it out of the oven…

The Mr. came in for a taste.

He’s a picky sort of fellow.  Cake is important to him.

Even he had to agree that the cake was moist.

He also agreed that nobody would EVER guess that this cake could be given the “vegan” label, which typically makes people turn their noses up at things.

Oh word, but this cake is tres delicious!

I’m ecstatic because I can FINALLY eat dessert!!!

I highly recommend this recipe!

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