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Round 2 of Spring Break


I know I am being a terrible blogger right now.

I usually live for my writing…putting aside other tasks to pen my posts.


This job of mine has been EXTREMELY demanding of late.

I honestly didn’t know how I was going to see my way out of this past week.

Can I just say that God is merciful?

That He is!

I’ve been prioritizing…focusing on the things that need my immediate attention, and that has helped lift some of the stress.

Still though, even as I write this, I know I have two observations coming up this week.

One will not be too big of a deal, but I still want my class to make a good showing.  Although it won’t affect my performance rating at my school, I want to showcase my students and, quite honestly, their amazingness (that’s not a word, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want).

The other is my second observation by my administrator.  My principal will be coming in to watch my students and I do our thing.

My kids have already been prepped.

They know they’ll get cupcakes later in the week as a reward.

They’re awesome anyhow, but they also know that they are very special…hand-picked by me to do their thing for the top dog.

I’m also going to video the first of the three lesson plans I wrote for my Reading Endorsement.  If it turns out well, I’ll send it in and keep my fingers crossed that my instructor approves it.  I only have to have one filmed lesson plan approved to meet that criteria for this final class I’m taking.


Chicky was home part of this past week for her Spring Break.

She left on Wednesday.

Rooster flew in…well, okay…he drove in…Friday evening.

Happy Dance!

When he was thirty minutes out, he called.

“Mama, um, I just wanted to give you a heads-up that three more guys are on their way to stay at our house tonight.  They just need a place to sleep before they leave in the morning for their camping trip.”

Rooster had already planned to bring home one friend.

So I had thirty minutes to prep for five young men.

I did what all exhausted school teachers do at the end of the day and didn’t stress one little bit.

As Rooster told me, they’re college guys.

They don’t need frills.

The Mr. ran to Walmart and stocked up on a few supplies…food, that is.

We don’t keep much in the house now that we’re childless nine months out of the year.

Can I just tell you how happy I was when those boys walked through the door.

They are fine young men.

They’re all members of Rooster’s fraternity, which just received its charter as the newest official member of the BYX family.  It’s a Christian fraternity.  They have tons of good, clean fun together while holding one another accountable in their Christian walk.  They have cell groups that are led by various members of the fraternity.  They have accountability partners.  They use GroupMe to stay in contact with each other on an hourly basis.

They’re incredibly intelligent too.  Many are majoring in engineering…software and mechanical to be precise.

They spent time playing my Wii.

Their deep laughter filled this mama’s heart with joy.

Then, they settled in to watch a movie.

That’s when I crashed.  I was wiped out from what had been a stressful week.

I felt blessed, though, to be sharing my home with these fine young people…my son among them.

BYX Parent Weekend

I took a half day off on Friday so I could travel to Auburn to visit Rooster.

It was Auburn’s homecoming, but I was mainly going to see my boy and attend his fraternity’s parent dinner.

The Mr. and I met up with Rooster and spent time chatting with him in his dorm room. His bedroom was a bit of a disaster because he had hosted Chicky, my nephew, and Chicky’s roommate last weekend…

We ate dinner together and then attended the women’s volleyball game, where we scored free t-shirts…20121103-210921.jpg

We had so much fun! Aubie and the cheerleaders were there, and the crowd was loud and supportive.20121103-212619.jpg


The walk to and from the volleyball venue was gorgeous. The campus is a pretty place at night!!20121103-211405.jpg

We bid Rooster goodnight and headed to our hotel.

The next morning, we got an early start. it was just us, a squirrel, and the few other people securing good parking places.20121103-210814.jpg

Of course, a trip to Auburn always involves shopping. I splurged a teensy bit…



I returned to the car to drop off my water bottle and was supposed to meet the Mr. at the Alumni Tent. Well, I got lost. Along the way, I did run into part of the band and enjoyed their little per-game show…

Meanwhile, the Mr. had bought a couple of tickets. Boy did we luck out! We sat on the 50-yard line, row 16, next to the student section…


The view was amazing!!


We won…finally!

We met up with Rooster after the game. It was sweet to watch him analyze the game with the Mr. as we walked around campus…


As we walked, we passed below the toilet paper-laden trees (they are still very sick though)…


We had a lot of fun shopping and bought Rooster a new bow tie and a pair of plaid shorts. The boy is developing a great sense of style!

We left him to return to his dorm, while we ran to our hotel to freshen up for dinner.

When we drove back to campus, I stopped by Toomer’s Drugs to get my lemonade fix…


Then, it was time for Rooster’s fraternity’s parent dinner.

We were treated to a slideshow that gave us glimpses into the last two months of our boys’ lives. What fun they’ve been having too!!!

The president and the chaplain spoke, and I was moved by their sincere words.

BYX was started at Auburn in 2008, and it has been growing slowly ever since.

Its mission is to provide a place where Christian young men can strengthen their faith and serve as an example to others that college guys can serve the Lord during these still-formative years of their lives.

This is an impressive group of young men, and I am so thankful that God led Rooster to them.

It is a tangible sign that God’s hand is on my boy, and I find that incredibly comforting when I can’t always have my eyes on the sweet boy I gave birth to so many years ago.

Saying goodbye was bittersweet. Rooster always makes me feel loved and appreciated.

I’ll get to see him in a couple of weeks, and you better believe that I’ll be counting down the minutes, as I do when I know I’m about to see either one of my babies.

We Interrupt This Programming

I had planned to blog about my weekend; however, when I saw the following video posted on my boy’s Facebook page…


I had to share.

First, the history.

Rooster is a pledge in Auburn’s Christian fraternity, BYX (I told you about this before).

The sister sorority is the Phi Lambda crew…Christian young women.

I’m not exactly sure I understand the finer details, but apparently, the brothers were charged with protecting an axe handle…which is some sort of symbol or trophy for some type of competition the fraternity won.

Well, the Phi Lambdas stole the handle, and it was up to the pledges to rescue it.

To do so, they were bribed…

Into a performance…

Of which had the makings for one of the cutest little videos I’ve seen in a long time.

You know…some kids go off to college and find their fun in drinking and whatnot.

My boy, thank goodness, is hanging with a different group of guys…and they’re into good, clean fun.

Watch until the end.

It’s worth it.

Trust me.

Going the Unconventional Route

Rooster has always been the kind of kid who marched to the beat of his own drum…both literally and figuratively.

Things haven’t changed much now that he’s away at college.

He spent the first week and a half bored to death.

With few friends and two of his suitemates in the band, he didn’t have anyone to do anything with.

Rooster is a bit introverted and isn’t known for socializing.


That changed when he branched out and took a chance.

We suggested that he look into joining a fraternity.

Not because we wanted him to get the “full” experience of college, but because we wanted him to make connections.

On his own, Rooster decided to look at Farm House and BYX (Beta Upsilon Chi).

BYX stands for Brothers Under Christ and is pronounced “bux.”

Both fraternities are known for their non-drinking stances.

BYX, though, is an outright Christian fraternity.

Although the organization doesn’t have a full charter (or something like that) at Auburn, the group is working on it.

Rooster went through Fraternity Rush week and by the end had himself a bid…

From BYX.

The group is serious about keeping its members focused on Christ’s teachings, and the new pledges were immediately put into small groups.

They were also added to group text messages and receive multitudes of messages every day inviting them to do things with other “brothers.”

When we saw Rooster last weekend, he gushed about his new group of friends.

Chicky even commented on his Facebook wall, saying she was proud of her “Brudder.”

Well, this Mama is too.

Rooster purposely sought out other young men who share his faith in the Lord and serve a risen Savior.

At a time in his life when he could be going wild and crazy…away from home for the first time and free from my apron strings…he is making very good choices.

I’m extremely proud of him and grateful for answered prayers.

The following picture was posted by one of the guys in the fraternity.  The pledges had to get a picture of the entire pledge class atop the roof of one of the famed buildings on the campus with a certain other building in the background.

I guess you could say “Mission Accomplished.”

In my mind, this saying has many meanings.

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