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Only We Could Make Things So Difficult

Today began my Christmas vacation.

Although students won’t get out until tomorrow, the Mr. and I took off early to drive to south Florida to be with Chicky when she has her surgery.

I left meticulous substitute lesson plans.  I am a bit of a control freak sometimes.

My to-do list when I got home yesterday was longer than legally allowed, I believe.

One of my tasks was to pick up couches that had been ordered when they were on sale on Black Friday.

Barb’s husband graciously met us at the store with his truck and helped the Mr. get them into the house.

What a nightmare of a home…FOUR couches spread out between two rooms…

Those are Harbor Town faux leather couches…from the Simmons furniture line.  We bought them at Big Lots.

They came with triangular plastic pieces that were supposed to be screwed into the bottoms of the couches.  I didn’t think to take a picture of one of them.

We quickly discovered a problem.

There were no pre-drilled holes to screw the long screws into.

We called the store, and they advised us to, “Do the best you can and screw them anywhere.”


I ran next door and borrowed my neighbor’s drill because we couldn’t find our rechargeable batteries.

We tried everything but could not get the pieces attached.

We were stressed from the bajillion things we still had to do, so we took a break and went out to dinner.

The couches didn’t magically fix themselves while were out, unfortunately.

I was determined not to leave things undone, so the Mr. ran to Walmart to find something…anything…to set the couches on.

He found round things…furniture sliders, I think…and brought them home and installed them.


The good thing is that the couches sit almost completely on the floor, so dog hair won’t be able to collect underneath.

Of course, I still have to find someone to pick up the other two couches…seen in the background of the next picture…

I’m telling you…we can make the simplest tasks way more complicated than they need to be!!!

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