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Doily Dish Cloth

Yes, it’s been a summer filled with fiber.

One of my goals was to knit more.  I’ve been doing that.  I’ve also done a bit of crocheting.

This is my Doily Dish Cloth.

The pattern can be found in the following booklet, which a knitting friend sent me a few years ago.

I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream.  The color is Strawberry.  I used approximately 71 yards on size 4.5mm hook.

I know I made mistakes, but by the last couple of rounds, my stitch count was only off by one, which I consider a small miracle.  I actually enjoyed the process of crocheting this piece and learned quite a bit!  I hope to crochet more items in the future.

Pom-Pom Baby Booties

Nothing like the holidays to get your knitting ramped up, eh?

I made these to accompany the ruffled hats I finished last week.

The pair below is made from Bernat Baby Jacquards “Berries and Cream.”

And the colorway below is called “Boys and Girls” (same yarn brand):

The set…with the hats:

Ok…pattern comments…

First off, you can find the pattern here (it’s free).

WARNING – The pattern has a couple of mistakes that had me scratching my head.

Did I enjoy the pattern? Only up to the Sole portion, in which there are mistakes.

The pattern, overall, was a bit strange…kind of like working a sock with a twist. I selected the pattern because it didn’t require seaming. I knit them in the round using size 4 dpns.

I made four of these booties, and all four were knit a bit differently. For some reason, I just didn’t get something in the instructions.

My recommended pattern modifications:

Under the Sole section – Rounds 2 & 4 – Omit the K2 at the end of the rounds.

Only knit through Round 6 of the Sole. The bottom is plenty big enough. You might even want to try stopping at Round 5.

For the pom poms, I used the Clover Pom Pom Maker (size 3/4″). This is a fairly easy way to make pom poms, once you get the first one done.

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