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Time for Some Pampering, Shamrock Style!






My students are going nuts.

Parents are going nuts.

I’ve got so much coming up in the next two weeks that my stomach is in knots.

At least yesterday was Pay Day.

Plus, I turned in my New Teacher Induction Packet…a year-in-the-half-in-the-making portfolio that my district requires new teachers to complete.


I was ready for some pampering time.

Although I had scheduled a nail appointment for Saturday, I called and asked if there was anything for after school.

I’d had an interesting infuriating parent conference, and I needed to soothe my anger.

I love the ladies in my nail salon.

They always make me laugh, and they are always willing to try whatever artwork I’ve found on Pinterest.

Thus, when I left, I was sporting these…

Then, I stopped off at Publix and bought chips and dip.

And a Mt. Dew.

Then, I stopped at Starbucks and got a Venti Peppermint Hot Chocolate with Soy and No Whip.

It had been that kind of week.

The good news, besides that I have pretty nails and a thicker waistline?

Chicky is coming home for Spring Break.

I can’t wait to hug on her.

It will be a time of reminding myself to RELAX (my word for this year) and just trust God with the details.

In Style, Accidentally

Yesterday, while standing outside of my classroom waiting to greet my students, I overheard two young ladies (not my students) discussing something.

The conversation went like this:

Girl #1:  “I really like her hair.”

Girl #2:  “Who’s hair?”

Girl #1:  Points to me.

I had to insert myself into the conversation by asking, “You like my hair?”

I’ve been putting hot rollers in it lately…don’t ask me why…and it’s got a lot of bounce that I’m still not very confident about.

The conversation resumed…

Girl #1:  “Yes, it’s pretty.”

Me:  “Why, thank you!”

Girl #1, speaking to Girl #2:  “I like the way her hair is brown halfway down and then is blonde the rest of the way.  I’m gonna get my hair done that way.”

Me:  “Um…I didn’t do this on purpose.  It’s just my roots growing out.”



Apparently, two-toned hair color is the “in” thing now.

Who wouldda thunk that I would actually be in style…while the style was still in style…if you get what I’m saying.

This is a totally accidental thing.  I can assure you that if I’d tried to be in style, it would have backfired on me.

Soccer Chick is a Hairdresser!

Lately, Chicky has been trying to get me to schedule a haircut for myself.

Being the cheap gal that I am (except where chocolate and yarn are concerned), I’ve brushed her off.

However, the other day, I casually told her that she was welcome to grab a pair of scissors and give me a trim.

I’m either dumb or brave…maybe a combination of the two.

Today, Chicky had some free time, and she said, “So, Mama, when am I going to cut your hair?”

Um…er…now…I guess?

You should have seen her face as she grabbed the scissors from the hair cutting kit I use for Rooster’s hair.  She had an evil gleam in her eye.

Mischievous is a word that adequately describes Chicky.

Rooster grabbed the camera to capture the process…

See how long my hair is…was?

Chicky looked like a professional as she handled my hair and the blades…

My heart fell as I heard the zip of a thick wad of hair being cut.  Chicky proudly held up the lock she had just removed…

Oh my…what to say…

Six inches of my locks…gone…

I wanted to scoop my hair off the floor and reattach it…

But, Chicky is practical, much like her Mama, and she had this classic response…”It’s hair.  It will grow back.”

So true, so true.

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