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Better Late Than Never!

One of the things my sister posted about me, when she bid me birthday tidings on Facebook last week,was that she loved, after my being a lover/follower of Christ, my goofiness.

Well, folks, today’s incident fell right into line with my usual antics.

I’d been invited to a baby shower and had this afternoon earmarked for the event.

At first, I had planned on buying a gift; however, last weekend, I cast on and completed the Lacy Baby Hat and Baby Ballerina Booties you see pictured below…

Both were quick knits that I was able to finish and post for March’s classes in the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup.

Remember that I am a nerd.

I figured I’d pick up something from the mom-to-be’s baby registry at a local store to finish off her gift; however, when I spied a pattern for Spring Seamless Baby Shoes, I knew another hat would follow as well.

Found the buttons at Joann’s Fabrics

After searching on Ravelry, I found a pattern for a Baby Girl Sun Hat, which I knit up in a little over a day.  It helped having Good Friday off.  I caught up on DVRd shows and knit a good portion of the day…

I burned the midnight oil, working until 2am with still the purling and brim to go.  I picked up where I left off this morning.

I worked feverishly late morning and early afternoon to finish that hat.

I talked to my friend, Barb, as I was sewing the last few things together.  She mentioned, two times, about letting me go so I could get to the shower.  I laughingly replied that I was finishing the project as we spoke.

Her words would come back to haunt me a couple of hours later.

Finally, the second set was complete and photos taken…

The hats and booties made a lovely package…

I showered, said goodbye to the Mr., and headed out.

I was gong to be right on time for the 4pm shower, and we were going to eat dinner out afterward.

And then…as I got to the stop sign in my neighborhood, I thought, “Self, take a look at the invitation just to make sure you have the right date.”

This was despite having talked to Barb about the shower a couple of hours before.

I didn’t trust myself because, just a few weeks before today, I’d shown up early to a Premier Jewelry party that was hosted by my friend, Cinda…who also happened to be hosting today’s baby shower.

So, as I looked at the invitation, my heart fell…

The shower had been scheduled for 2pm, not 4, as I’d thought.

Yes, I had the date correct, but somehow, the size and placement of that 4 had stuck with me.





I was still in the neighborhood, so I went back home.  The Mr. laughed as I told him what I’d done.

I asked him for advice about what to do at that point (like a guy is going to know how to handle a faux pas like this).

He shook his head in bewilderment before suggesting I call the hostess.

I tried, to no avail.

I texted but got no response.

The Mr. then suggested that I drive on over.  Living in Podunk, USA has its advantages sometimes…one of which is the fact that nobody lives very far from anybody else.

So I sheepishly loaded myself into my car, long pretty dress, beaded flip flops, and lipstick too.


Yes, I’d gotten gussied up.

For a party I was going to be two and a half hours late to.

As I drove to the party, another problem ensued.

Despite my GPS directions and the fact that both of my children had grown up going to friends’ houses in this neighborhood, I could not find the right side street.


I called Chicky on the way to explain my dilemma.  To which she’d called me out for what I was, “Stupid.”  Leave it to a daughter to not mince words, eh?

I persisted with my drive because being stubborn means you don’t quit.

I finally found the house…just in time to see the precious mom-to-be, a young lady only a year older than my Chicky, her mom, and her sister walking out of the hostess’s house, last present in hand and purses hanging from their arms.

They were about to leave.

Yes, I was mortified.


Welcome to my life, where this kind of thing happens much more frequently than I like (thank heavens they do though, or else this blog would be mighty boring to read).

I got out of my car and admitted that despite being an Intensive Reading teacher, I’d misread the invitation.

The mom-to-be’s mom, a friend of mine, graciously explained that with the medical crisis my own mom had recently been though, it was no wonder I’d mixed things up.

So sweet, eh?

I brushed off her kindness by telling her that I had recently developed a reputation for not making it to events as instructed by invitations.


We had a good laugh while the mom-to-be opened her gift…

And ooohed and ahhhhed…making me happy that I’d gone ahead and driven over.

These are precious people, in case I haven’t already said that.

Their Southern charm shone through.

My antics today, though, fed into the social awkwardness I already struggle with.

I stress out when driving some place new.

I get nervous when I need to attend shindigs like today’s.

I worry about looking stupid when (not if) I make a social error…because the Lord knows I missed the hand-off when He was passing out social graces.

I managed to commit all of these blunders today.

Despite my struggles, God’s love came through, in the gift that was exchanged and the sweet grace that flowed from all involved.

It was better to be late because if I hadn’t shown up at all, I wouldn’t have gotten to be a part of this young lady’s special day.


Baby Gifts for Maegan – The Great Reveal!

I am so excited because I can finally share some projects I’ve been working on for the last three months!

First, the back story.

My friend, Maegan, who I teach with, found out she was expecting a baby last August.  She’d been wanting a baby ever since she got married.

In January, I began knitting for the little boy she found out she is carrying.

First off the needles was a Baby Cabled Hat, knit with the Martha Steward Wool Blend…

This was a super-fast knit, and the yarn was very soft and easy to work with.

The next pattern, Sneaker Booties, was made was with the same yarn…so she’d have a matching set…

These were deceptively easy to knit.  I think I made both booties in one evening’s sitting.

The next thing I knit was the Tail a Wagging baby bib.  I used Lily Sugar’n Cream.  It, too, was a quick knit!

The last item, and the one I’m probably most proud of, is the Soothing Ripples blanket.  I began knitting it in January and probably could have finished it that month.  However, I paced myself, knit whenever I could, and finished last weekend.

The fringe added the perfect finishing touch!

I loved knitting this blanket.  It was, basically, the same two rows…over, and over, and over.

I used Caron Simply Soft for the blanket.  The drape is beautiful!

I’ll share one funny story before I end this post.

During her shower, I sat beside her, writing down the names of the people who had brought gifts so she could write thank you notes later.

When she got to my present, she unwrapped the smaller box.

Here’s the box she saw (not the bottles)…


She smiled and started to set the box down…


I casually asked, “Aren’t you going to open it?”

“Oh,” she said.  “I figured you gave me a juicer for the baby.”


My vegan reputation precedes me, I fear!

I’m glad she opened everything, and I’m thrilled that I could do something nice for her.  She’s become a good friend…listened to me cry my first year I worked at the school I’m at (it was my second year of teaching…first year teaching reading…and I was overwhelmed)…gone on escapades with me.

I love her to bits and cannot wait to welcome her little guy into the world when he makes his appearance next month.

Baby Bear Hat

Do you remember the baby hats and capris I recently made for a sweet friend of Chicky’s?  She’s got her own little photography business going, and she texted me last week to ask if I could make another hat for her.  She’s getting good at finding patterns.

I sent her out to the store to find the yarn she wanted, and she dropped it off in the wee hours of Friday morning.

I just got around to casting on after spending a couple of days recuperating from my trip to Lakeland.

The pattern is called Baby Bear Hat, and it is free!  You can find it here.

First, the yarn…

Lion Brand Heartland – Sequoia colorway

The picture does not do the yarn justice.  It is a deep brown with flecks of lighter brown.  It’s beautiful and very soft, although as is typical of acrylic yarn, it did not slide that easily through my fingers.  Still, it wasn’t bad to knit with.  The project only required a scant 20 grams of yarn!

I made the newborn size on size 9 needles, despite everyone else who’s knit this using a size 10.5.  My knitting is loose, and the yarn label recommended size 9 needles.  I’d talked to Amber, and she had mentioned that my other hats could have been a tad smaller.  She wasn’t criticizing; I had asked her for honest feedback.  I figured with smaller needles and, thus, a tighter gauge, the size would be better.

I followed the pattern until the decreases.  I always read others’ project notes and had decided, since I do not like to seam, to knit the ears directly onto the hat.  I marked the first stitch on the first decrease round, knit the next eighteen stitches (decreasing according to the pattern), and marked the next stitch.  Then, I finished the round.

I finished knitting the hat according to the instructions and bound off.

To make the ears, I picked up six stitches beginning with the stitch below the one I had marked.  I’d run out of stitches to pick up the first time I tried by starting at the marked stitch and started picking up all over again.

I completed the ears as instructed except for the first decrease on row 4.  I did as someone suggested and knit a SSK, which made that side lean the right way (if you’re a knitting or crocheter, you understand how important this is when shaping).

The result is an adorable little hat!  I cannot wait to see it on Amber’s client!

Knitted Baby Capris, Kitten Hat, and Bonnet

Now, before you start wondering why I’m knitting baby items, let me just tell you that Chicky has a friend from high school who recently started her own photography business.  She asked me to knit up a few baby items to photograph her clients in.  She showed me a picture of something she wanted to use in her studio, and together we selected a couple of patterns that fit the bill.

We met at Hobby Lobby, and I gave her a crash course on yarns…especially their weight.

She purchased a few skeins, and off I went.

Here’s what I made. Specific pattern notes can be found on my Ravelry project pages.

First off is a pair of newborn capris and kitten hat to match.

The pattern can be purchased here.

This is the kitten hat that I made. The pattern was included with the one for the capris (which also had instructions for making shorts, capris, long pants, and longer pants)…

Amber, my daughter’s friend, wanted a second pair of capris from a different skein of yarn.

I purled the last row of the legs and bound off purlwise as suggested in the pattern (I didn’t do this with the first pair). I like the results much better!

I bought the designer’s pattern for a newborn baby bonnet. Amber wanted tassels, and this pattern had them.

Both brands of yarn were FABULOUS to work with!

The pattern designer was also a gem and got back with me quickly when I sent her a question.

These were super fast knits, with the patterns so easy to follow!  I highly recommend this designer!

It was fun to knit up these small items, and I can’t wait to see pictures of Amber’s clients all dressed up in the finery that came off of my needles!

Gifts for a Baby

My friend, Kim, decided to have a baby.

Well, actually, God decided to bless her with her fourth child.

As soon as I found out, I purchased yarn and got to work.

The work was slow.

The pattern was, initially, tedious.

My teaching responsibilities often interrupted my progress.

And then something happened.

I finally “saw” the pattern in my mind…”got” it, if you will.  If you’re a knitter, you understand what I’m saying.

Then, the knitting began to fly.

Before long, I had a finished product…

Priceless Diamonds Baby Blanket…


The pattern is in the Leisure Arts #3219 book.

I completed twenty pattern repeats and added 44 tassels on each end…

The yarn is Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly Sport.  I used 2.5 skeins on size 5 needles.


I have made or worked on more blankets than I can remember.  This is, by far, my favorite one thus far.  After I blocked the blanket (it’s acrylic, but those diamonds needed to be stretched out to show them off better), the blanket had a beautiful drape to it.

I’m going to have to tuck this pattern away.  In a few years, I’m going to make another one.

Now, the fun in gift giving is in surprising people.

Kim had messaged me on Facebook and asked if I would make her baby a hat.  She had seen a pattern that she liked.  It was, however, crochet.  I’m not very good at crocheting, so I found a knitted pattern that was very similar in style.  She liked it and requested a brown and blue version.

I went with the Big Wool Little Hat pattern, a free download on Ravelry.  I used Lion Brand Wool Easy Thick and Quick in Wood and Sky Blue.  My needle was size 13.

This pattern originally had long, braided tassels hanging from each ear flap, but I decided not to make them.  I was concerned that they would be a choking hazard.

One other thing I decided to do was make the toddler version.  I had read that the infant size was too small, and Kim’s baby, who was by then out of the “oven” had weighed in at over nine pounds,

The only thing I didn’t like about this pattern is that it was knit flat.  I suppose that I could have knit it in the round, but I didn’t feel like thinking too hard.  So, I went with it.

It was a quick knit, as promised, and I finished in two hours.

Fun stuff, I tell you!

The pictures really do not do this hat justice.

I gifted both items yesterday.  I had to leave the wrapped package on Kim porch.  She and I were like strangers passing in the night…both of us had crazy schedules.

The text she sent me after she got home indicated that she was touched by my generosity.

It truly is an honor to make things for people.  I often get told that I should sell my knitting, but that would take the fun out of it.  I knit for people I care about.  That’s where the payoff comes.

Pom-Pom Baby Booties

Nothing like the holidays to get your knitting ramped up, eh?

I made these to accompany the ruffled hats I finished last week.

The pair below is made from Bernat Baby Jacquards “Berries and Cream.”

And the colorway below is called “Boys and Girls” (same yarn brand):

The set…with the hats:

Ok…pattern comments…

First off, you can find the pattern here (it’s free).

WARNING – The pattern has a couple of mistakes that had me scratching my head.

Did I enjoy the pattern? Only up to the Sole portion, in which there are mistakes.

The pattern, overall, was a bit strange…kind of like working a sock with a twist. I selected the pattern because it didn’t require seaming. I knit them in the round using size 4 dpns.

I made four of these booties, and all four were knit a bit differently. For some reason, I just didn’t get something in the instructions.

My recommended pattern modifications:

Under the Sole section – Rounds 2 & 4 – Omit the K2 at the end of the rounds.

Only knit through Round 6 of the Sole. The bottom is plenty big enough. You might even want to try stopping at Round 5.

For the pom poms, I used the Clover Pom Pom Maker (size 3/4″). This is a fairly easy way to make pom poms, once you get the first one done.

Family Arrives

When I got up this morning, this is what it looked like:

I had stepped outside the night before and noticed the drop in temperature.  Apparently it was enough to give us some frost.

The roofs were all white…

As I looked across the street at the pond, I saw this…

It was a beautiful way to start the day.

I subbed at my favorite high school.  The classes were short to accommodate the half day.  I managed to finish these:

Bernat Jacquard Ruffled Hats

Bernat Baby Jacquard Knit Ruffled Hats

The hats are for Soccer Chick’s physical therapist/sports trainer.  He is an amazing guy and really helped us out when she was rehabbing her knee.  He and his wife are expecting twin girls in a couple of months, so I thought I would whip these out for a Christmas gift.

The pattern is free and located here.  There is a version available for crocheters.  I used Bernat Baby Jacquards.  The colorways are provided below each picture:

Colorway - Boys and Girls

Colorway - Boys and Girls

Colorway Berries and Cream

Colorway - Berries and Cream

The pattern is given for knitting the hats flat and seaming them, but I don’t like to seam, so I used Magic Loop instead.  This left me with a hole at the top, so I added a pom pom to each hat.

I have to say that the yarn is FABULOUS to knit with!  It’s ultra soft but still manageable.  I only used 30g from each skein, so I have plenty left over.  I’m thinking about making booties to accompany the hats.

Another project that is just about done (just have to mail them) is the mini-stockings for the troops.  I had given the stockings to a friend who had asked to fill them.  She returned them to me yesterday.  Here’s a picture:

The pattern can be found here.  It’s free and was created by a KH member.  I used a variety of I Love This Yarn colorways.

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I’ll be busy cooking and trying not to burn myself in the process (did a number on my thumb this evening), so I probably won’t have much time to knit (nor the energy).  The pre-Thanksgiving meal that I cooked up for the family was a hit.  I made Chicken Piccata, fettuccine, and salad.  “Guy Friend” and Soccer Chick made the salad.

Guy Friends Salad

Guy Friend's Salad

For dessert, I made Chocolate Chip Cake…a recipe posted by Sunshine’s Mom over on KH.  I’m copying her post (hence references to “me” are actually “her”) here:

Duncan Heinz Butter cake mix
1 small package Jello instant vanilla pudding
1/2 bar grated chocolate (I usually use German chocolate – it’s in a green package)
chocolate chips
1 cup oil
1 cup milk
4 eggs
A bundt pan

(Let me just say to start – grating the chocolate is the most time consuming part of this cake. I’ve found that using a zester instead of a grater works so much better. In any event, grate your chocolate first before doing anything else and you’ll be happy you did.)

With mixer, beat together cake mix, vanilla pudding, oil and eggs. Fold in grated chocolate. Put half of mixture into bundt pan, add enough chocolate chips to your liking, put rest of mixture on top (and maybe a few more chocolate chips?) Make sure chocolate chips are pushed into the top layer of cake mix. Lick the spoon, bowl and detach and lick the mixer blades, seriously. It’s that good.)

Bake at 350 deg. for an hour or until inserted knife or toothpick comes out clean. Let it cool in the bundt pan (I can’t stress this enough!). Once cool, tip over onto plate and cover with powered sugar if you wish.

AuburnChick speaking again…

Instead of the milk, I used water because Mr. AuburnChick and I are lactose-intolerant.  I don’t do soy, and supposed “lactose-free” products still hurt our stomachs.

The cake was a huge hit!  Here’s a picture of what was left over:

Yeah, I know.  Nothing.  The family (plus Guy Friend) inhaled it.

We went to see Madagascar 2, and on the way home we stopped at the grocery store to pick up boxes of cake mix and pudding.  I’ve been requested to make another cake for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I’m off to check on my eggs…

Never Too Busy To Knit

What a crazy week I’ve had!  What, with Soccer Chick’s crisis and my new adventure in the world of subbing, it’s a wonder that I’ve been able to knit.

But I have!  And boy, have I been busy!

A long time ago, I fell in love with the Koolhaas Hat. You can purchase the pattern here.

Then, I received a gift certificate for Kaleidoscope Yarns and went in search of something nice to buy.

I bought two skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk. The color is “Peapod,” #141. You can read about the yarn here. Oh man, is it soft! Here’s a picture of the pre-knit up yarn:

I went hunting for patterns on Ravelry before I bought the yarn and saw that someone had used it to make the Koolhaas Hat.

Bingo! The perfect match!

So, like the other person, I doubled the yarn (hence my purchase of two skeins) and cast on this project on 9/13…finishing tonight (9/19). I used up 85g of my yarn (each skein is 50g).

Getting started was a challenge because I didn’t have DPNs that were the right size, nor the 16″ cable. However, I decided to use Magic Loop. The pattern works absolutely fine done this way. Whew!

The pattern is not hard, if you are comfortable doing cable work. However, the slickness of the yarn made it impossible to do the cables without cable needles. What a chore!

I persevered and am really glad I did. The top of the hat, IMHO, is gorgeous! This pattern is smartly written, despite my aggravation with the cables.

I’m pleased because although I didn’t do a gauge swatch, the hat came out the perfect size for me, proving there’s a first time for everything.

On to the pictures!

The yarn is actually a darker color. Maybe a sage color? The next picture was taken with the flash on. I tried to fix it, but oh well.

And a view of the top…

Now, knitters typically move along from one project to the next.  Y’all know that I am coordinating the West Coast Oddball Baby Blanket Project.  Our blog is located here, if you want to take a peek.

Last week, Shandeh, of KH fame, sent me a HUGE box of goodies…yarn, needles, and a few things for little ole me.

Here are close-ups of what’s on the table…

DK Weight Yarn for Preemie Blankets

DK Weight Yarn for Preemie Blankets

DK and Worsted Weight Yarn

DK and Worsted Weight Yarn

Goodies for AuburnChick!

Goodies for AuburnChick!

The Baby Bee yarn is incredibly soft, so I couldn’t wait to cast on!  I wound up casting on four blankets this week and will mail them off this weekend.

For Lemonade Stand, I used the Checkerboard pattern from the book knit & purl. The yarn is Baby Bee Sweet Delight, and the color is “Sunny.”

I only knit about an inch so we can fit in six other knitters, giving more people a chance to work on it.  Actually, this is what I did for all of the blankets I cast on this week.

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand

For Little Boy Blue, I used Yarn Bee Sweet Delight, and the color is Blueboy. I used the pattern Stocking Stitch Triangles from the knit & purl book.

Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue

Here’s Carousel. I used Yarn Bee Sweet Delight, and the color is “Carousel.” I cast on 85 stitches and used the Check Pattern from my knit & purl book.



Here’s Puppy Love. I used the same brand of yarn, and the color is “Puppy.” The pattern is Twisted Moss I from the same book mentioned above. I cast on 85 stitches for this blanket.

The picture doesn’t show the flecks of color in this yarn. It’s not completely cream colored.

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Now that the blankets are started, I can resume work on a beanie for Soccer Chick’s “guy friend.”  He asked me to make him one out of the school colors.  I found a pattern and have begun work on it.  It’s going to be a bit challenging, though, because he has asked me to put his soccer number on it, so I’ll be learning how to do a duplicate stitch.

My friend, Shandeh (mentioned above) interestingly enough just posted on her blog about her latest duplicate stitching adventure.  It’s worth a look-see.

Ok…I hope this makes up for all of the recent “Poor Me” posts lately.  I’m off to work on “Guy Friend’s” beanie.  I’ll post updates…

Blankets, Blankets Everywhere!

When it rains, it pours!

If you had walked into my house last week, you would have seen blankets and yarn lying all over the place. I hear you asking, “Why?” Well, it’s because I am involved with the Oddball Baby Blankets – two charity projects started on KnittingHelp.com. We even have a group now on Ravelry.

My venture with charity knitting started last summer when I signed up to work on Oddball Blanket #5. This blanket will be a king-size blanket that will get donated somewhere…I’m not quite sure where yet. When I received the blanket in the mail, I nearly cried. To hold something that others have worked on was just an amazing feeling.

So, with that experience in my heart, when I saw a notice on the Charity Knitting forum on KH, I had to sign up. The thing about this project is that it’s like trying to eat one chip out of a Lays bag. You cannot stop at one. The taste is so good!

Working on the blankets is a lot less fattening than eating a bag of chips. Well, maybe not. Your heart swells with joy as you see pictures posted of “your” blankets’ progress to completion, as each knitter is pretty faithful to share news of its journey.

Last week, I received three blankets. So, I put aside the Drop Stitch Scarf I had started and proceeded to get to work.

This is a picture of Summer Fun. This blanket uses worsted weight yarn. This is the site that keeps up with the worsted weight baby blankets. I used Caron Simply Soft, and the colorway is Mango. The pattern is called “Loop Pattern,” from the book knit & purl. I chose the orange because it reminds me of summer and the warmth of the sun.

This blanket is called Citrus Punch. It is a preemie blanket. This is the website where Shandeh (from KH) keeps track of the lighter weight blankets.

I really struggled with what color to use, even considering a green (limes are citrus, right?). In the end, I went with the yarn Baby Soft, colorway Yellow. The stitch is Woven Horizontal Herringbone, from the same book as mentioned above.

The third blanket I worked on is called Happy Bluebirds. Of the three from this week, this one is my favorite. I used I Love This Yarn, and the colorway is White. The stitch is called Vertical Weave from a little booklet that someone sent me with the first charity blanket I worked on. You can also find the stitch on this site, a great resource for various stitches!

I am supposed to be receiving another blanket in the mail this week. Until then, I’ve resumed work on the scarf. I will post a picture and details when I’m done.

More Finished Projects

Well, since I got such wonderful comments on my other projects, I thought I would post pictures of other things I’ve finished — especially since it’s going to be a while until I finish anything else since my classes started up again.

This was the first booga bag I ever made. It’s the Black Sheep Booga Bag pattern, and the yarn is the one recommended in the pattern — Noro Kureyon.

I loved the first one so much that I made another one! Noro Kureyon yarn again!

I really like making socks. The pattern is Chevron pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. I do not remember what kind of yarn I used, but I know that I love these socks! They are so soft and not too thick.

This pattern is called Fan Lace from Sensational Knitted Socks. I tried two different bind offs, trying a new one from the More Sensational Socks book. The Picot bind-off was not easy, and it did not stretch as much as I wanted, so I went with a traditional bind-off the second time around. Oh, and these were my first toe-up socks. It was a bit hard at first, but I wound up loving it because I could try on the socks as I knit, which allowed me to size them better (although I did knit the first sock too large and had to completely frog it). Knitting these socks taught me the importance of gauge. 😉

These are my anklets, made with Lorna’s Laces yarn. The pattern came from a sock pattern leaflet I purchased at a chain craft store. For some reason, I found the pattern difficult. I don’t know why. I guess the easy ones are the ones that get you. Regardless, I just LOVE these socks! The sock is incredibly soft. I’ll probably make another pair with a different colorway of Lorna’s Laces that I purchased at the same time.

These were my first pair of knitted socks ever. It’s the Mock Cable pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. The yarn is from Knit Picks. I’m not crazy about the color of the yarn, but the socks are functional.

These were washcloths I made for a couple of people I knew who were having babies. I found the patterns online, free of charge. The yarn was Patons Grace — too flimsy for the projects though.

This was a hat and booty set made for my daughter’s teacher, who had just adopted a baby. She was supposed to have a girl, but things changed at the last moment (after we had given her these items), and she became the proud mother of a boy! We all got a chuckle, and she gamely took a picture of her baby wearing the purple attire. She was a GREAT sport!

I made the same teacher this washcloth for the baby. It goes with the school theme. I was proud of this cloth. I don’t remember the yarn, but the pattern was free…online.

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