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Dear Google Nexus

Dear Google,

I’ve got a beef with you, and I’d like you to listen up.

Yesterday afternoon, I was innocently watching an NFL playoff game.  I had been distracted, but I looked up when a commercial started.

It was YOUR commercial…for the Nexus 7…only I didn’t know this when the commercial began.

All I saw was a young man receiving a text message from his mom about his dog not doing well.

The rest of the commercial depicted the boy’s attempt to get home, with a closing shot of the dog waiting.

I’ve gotta tell you something.

You made me cry.

You see, I lost my poor Aubie last May.

I connected with that commercial because my own children, Rooster and Chicky, last got to see Aubie when they came home from college for Easter.

I took pictures of them with her that weekend.  We didn’t know if she would make it before they came home for the summer.  Chicky attended school seven hours away, so the drive was long.

As it happened, Aubie’s health declined rapidly after they returned to school, and we lost her unexpected…after phone calls to the kids about what was to transpire.

As the commercial ended, I was crying…and I. Could. Not. Stop.

Rooster, now living at home, looked over at me and couldn’t understand why.

It wasn’t like I chose to cry.

I know Aubie was only a dog…except that she wasn’t.

The feelings of loss for my precious fur baby still run deeply, and though I’m fine most days, your commercial dredged up those agonizing few weeks before we lost her.

Do you really think I’d want to buy a phone after having my heart pulled that way?

I teach Intensive Reading, and my classes are finishing up a unit on Author’s Purpose.  Instruction has included information about how advertisers get us to buy their products, and your strategy falls right into line with what I’ve taught my kiddos.

Except that I think it was too much.

If you wanted me to feel something, then you win.  You accomplished that.

If you wanted me to buy something…so sorry…but you lose.

I still love Aubie so much, but I really don’t want to be reminded of the companionship I lost when she passed away.

Next time, try evoking happy feelings.  Those will work much better for you.


Someone Who Upgrades Her Phone Regularly and Knows the Game When It Comes to Advertising

Not Hardy Har Har about Hardee’s

Dear Hardee’s,

While watching a family-friendly show last night, I was, unfortunately, sad to discover how low you will go in the interest of making a buck.

Your newest commercial, which stars Heidi Klum, was the latest in a string of what can only be described as being done in poor taste.

Why is it that you feel the need to sexualize your food.

Oh wait.

Is it because you think that your customers actually like this?

Are all of your customers men, or are you under the impression that you’re selling sexualized burgers to an equal number of women…all of whom go running to your establishment on account of the commercials that are playing.

I find it sad that I cannot watch a television show, in the presence of my grown son, without being embarrassed when one of your commercials is aired.

There should be a Rated X disclaimer.

I would not sit through scenes like this in a movie, and I carefully monitor what I watch on television.

Unfortunately, I don’t get forewarned about the commercials that are about to air.

If so, I can promise you that I would opt NOT to watch yours.

I’m rather disappointed that a company such as yours, which has been around for quite a long time, would stoop so low.

I grew up eating your burgers.  In fact, my boyfriend and I used to drive thirty minutes just to pick up dinner there.  I lived in a small town that didn’t offer fast food.  Those drives were worth it.

Currently, I live less than 1/2 mile away…so close I could walk.

I can promise you that I would rather starve than put money into the pockets of the executives who allow such marketing to continue.

What kind of message are you sending to women around the world with these disgusting depictions?

What kind of message are you sending men?

The female body is not another piece of meat.

Shame must also be placed on the women who allow themselves to be used in your ads.

Heidi has children, for heaven’s sake.  I’m sure that she’s going to want to watch her daughter lick the side of a burger when she gets older.


You want to know something, though?  The reason why they probably are in your ads is because someone else showed them, via movies or print ads, that this was okay.

I challenge you to hire a new advertising agency.

The one you have isn’t doing you any favors.

For shame.

You know, sometimes that extra buck just isn’t worth lowering your values.

Novel concept?

Try going back to basics.

It used to work just fine.

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