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A Faith-Filled Hodgepodge

Happy Easter Week, y’all!

It sure doesn’t feel like Easter does it? I’m so glad that Joyce’s questions are pointing our attention this way though. It’s so good to focus on this most holiest of holidays.

You know the drill (or do you if you’re new here?). Answer the questions on your own blog and link up with Joyce here.

Now, on to my own answers.

1. How will you celebrate Easter this year?

The Mr. and I will celebrate Easter by watching church online – on our smart TV, because we are smart that way. We’ve been watching two services – our home church’s and the one my in-laws started attending after they moved to Auburn last fall – ever since this pandemic started. I’m not planning a special dinner. I’ve never been about that. We’re pretty chill in these here parts.

2. Is it easier for you to receive grace offered or extend grace to another? Explain.

I think it’s easier for me to be the person extending grace. The Mr. might argue about that though.


My overachieving nature demands that I do things perfectly, and when I don’t, I have a hard time forgiving myself – much less accepting when others do. Teaching has taught me the lesson of extending grace. I’m not perfect at it. I am, after all, human, but over the years, I’ve begun to see my students’ choices as things that are usually unrelated to my classroom but factors at home. This makes grace a little easier to extend.

3. Do you say grace before meals? If so do you have a standard dinnertime grace or is it more ‘off the cuff’ ? Do you say grace when dining out? Do you have a favorite grace? Any special memory associated with ‘saying grace’?

I always say grace before I eat. We taught our children to do this too. We’ve always given thanks for our food whereever we are eating it. We do it at home, in the car, and out in restaurants. Sometimes it’s a solo mission, but we don’t mind saying it aloud either. Our prayer isn’t fancy, but it is sincere. I pray that my children, although grown now, take time to pause and give thanks as well.

I can’t say that I have a favorite memory associated with saying grace, although my kids will tell you that my prayers always turn into long-winded affairs. I mean, heck, since we’re all sitting in one place, might as well throw in a few extra things too, right?

4. What are some challenges you think the next generation will face? (Generation Alpha-born between 2011 and 2025)

Oh, this new generation. Bless their hearts. Obviously the economy is going to be a challenge given the effect the pandemic has had on it. I think the next generation will continue to struggle with all things related to social media. Perhaps they will also struggle with ethical dilemmas related to artificial intelligence as science advances and hard choices have to be made. I cannot imagine what life is going to look like when Generation Alpha gets older. I don’t envy them.

5. Share a favorite quote or lyric featuring the word faith.

I’m a fairly simple girl. A quick Google search led me to this verse:

2 Corinthians 5:7  For we walk by faith, not by sight.

I think this verse sums up a Christian’s life. We certainly must walk by faith. I simply do not know how we would be able to find our way out of deep pits of despair if we lived our lives based solely on what we saw.

Faith means trusting God no matter what life looks like. It means trusting in His perfect plan and that He is working everything for our good.

It’s not an easy walk, but it’s more steady than one led by our eyes, which shift focus about as often as the wind changes direction.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Yesterday, the Mr.’s parents celebrated 57 years of marriage.

I’m sure it’s an anniversary they will never forget thanks to the pandemic.

Let’s focus on them though.

I think their anniversary coincides perfectly with the theme of faith in this week’s Hodgepodge.

This precious couple has always modeled an attitude of faith.

They’re amazing human beings who have loved the Lord all of their lives.

They’ve had good times and bad times. I think you can’t avoid the bad when you’ve been married this long.

I’ve known them for 33 years, and I’ve never once seen them question their faith.


I hope that one day, my children can say the same of me.

It’s a beautiful legacy worthy of passing down from generation to generation.

Truth be told, it’s the only legacy that matters.

6 Responses

  1. Happy anniversary to your in-laws! I think you nailed it on the challenges that Generation Alpha will face. I don’t envy them. Technology moves ahead so fast these days that life struggles to keep up. I don’t envy them, either. Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter!

  2. I love seeing people pray out in public – makes me feel like its such a witness.
    I just never tire of seeing people weather through life together for so long. So much to learn from them.

  3. Happy Anniversary to your in-laws. I really like your thoughts on Faith. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  4. Good answers! Happy anniversary to your in-laws! 57 years is a long time. Have a happy and blessed Easter.

  5. Loved reading your random thought. What a wonderful legacy. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  6. Congratulations to your parents! What a wonderful legacy and I so admire the example of a long married life. There have been hardships and challenges I am sure, but they’ve endured and that means a lot. Happy Easter to you!

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