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Five Minute Friday

I saw Joyce’s newest post and the mention of the Five Minute Friday linkup, and I thought it might be fun to play along.


Disclaimer: I know it’s Saturday, but y’all my life has been nutso this week, and this is pretty much the first chance I’ve had when I’m pure and out exhausted and can sit and think of stuff besides all things teaching, which we are officially resuming in these here parts on Monday – via online means, of course.

I’ve never participated in this linkup before, so I’m a little nervous. I am a wordy sort of girl who takes loads and loads of time to write. However, I’ve had my students do timed free-writes before, so now the shoe will be on the other foot.

And I’m setting my timer NOW.

So, here I am, and today’s word is adjust.

This is a word that does not often sit well with me. I am, after all, a self-ascribed overachieving control freak. The thought of having to adjust doesn’t usually sit well with me.

The Lord is probably laughing right now because adjust is exactly what I’ve had to learn to do over the past year and a half.

In October 2018, I had to adjust, in more ways than one, after Hurricane Michael hit my beautiful corner of the world.

Everything was closed, including schools. We were out a month, and when we returned, we had to meet in a middle school down the road from our high school campus. Talk about adjusting! Our classrooms were smaller, and our schedules went from a whole day to half of that since we had to share the campus with the actual middle school teachers and kids who were based there.

Then, two months later, we adjusted again when we were able to return to our campus; but there were even more changes. Three-quarters of our teachers were housed in portables a half mile away. Nearly everyone was displaced.

So, adjust is something I’m learning to do – especially with this pandemic we are living through.

My schedule has completely changed; I’ll be teaching remotely beginning on Monday.

Many of my lesson plans went out the window. I’ll be facilitating an online program now.

And y’all, my timer just went off, but I need one more minute to close this because this post just cannot end here.

Told you I was wordy!

Adjust doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It is, as I’ve recently discovered, the springboard to the next thing coming down the road, which God is preparing in advance for all of us, if we’d just take the time to recognize His hand in our current circumstances.

2 Responses

  1. Welcome! The Five Minute Friay community is just such a wonderful living presence…I know you’ll be happy here, and look forward, as so many of us do, to the chance to participate every week.

    For myself…I guess I’m known as the Mad Mute Dying Poet, so here’s a sonnet, in reply to your delightful, upbeat post. I hope you enjoy it.

    It is really no bad thing
    to have to trim sails to the breeze
    for what adventures life might bring
    so often come from times like these
    in which the normal’s knocked askew,
    and familiar’s inside out,
    demanding that we start anew,
    not taking precious time to pout
    about the milk that has been spilled,
    for such mourning disrespects
    thoe who, maybe, have been killed,
    and those who badly this affects.
    Unto these days, then let us brace
    the needed changes with God’s Grace.

    In the #1 spot at FMF this week.

  2. Visiting as your FMF neighbor. Welcome! You did a great job! I’ve learned the five minute writing “rule” is more of a suggestion. I rarely hit it without an awkward … STOP … pause before continuing. Just for information, the link runs from Friday to Thursday. Somehow your link was for last week’s prompt {adjust} rather than this week’s {now}. Welcome to the neighborhood! Stay safe!

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