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Road Trip – Part 1

Six months ago, Rooster and his girl came home after attending a wedding up in Alabama. Before they left, we began talking about a summer get together, when they would be returning for the wedding of another friend.

For the record, can more of their friends get married please? Preferably every six months.

I picked them up from the airport, where they deposited the rental car they’d used to make the drive down, and home we went.

We spent a wonderful four days at the house together. Gambit was extremely happy to see his boy and his girl. He does love him some Mrs. Rooster.

On Tuesday, while they were still sleeping, I got my nails done. The gel French manicure I’d had done three days before had started peeling. Apparently, I have oily nails.

So pretty, but they didn’t last long at all!!

This time, I got the dip powder. I love the color, which has sparkles. So far, so good.

On Tuesday, I took the kids to lunch at Dave & Busters on Tuesday. I guess you could say that chicken and waffles were the theme of the week since N had them twice.

The food there is actually pretty good. I found a vegan burger that had not been on the menu when we’d been there last (maybe a year ago), so that was good.

We went to The Mr. grilled out one evening, and another night, we took them for trivia at one of our favorite restaurants.

Thursday morning happened, and, well, you know.

Around 9:30, we packed up the car and headed out for a road trip.

The Mr. and Rooster had been planning this trip for months so, although our hearts were still so heavy, we were excited.

Our destination: Atlanta!

We made many stops for potty breaks and the requisite car snacks.

I took a new skein of yarn and, in between rounds of tears, began a new project.

Rooster had made us reservations at a hotel near The Battery. We had agreed to allow the kids an evening to themselves, after all, this was their vacation too

The Mr. and I got ready for dinner and headed out.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to The Battery, but not only is it home to the Braves, but there are a myriad of shops, eateries, and bars there too. Our first stop was Punch Bowl Social.

It is a two-story establishment with games (bowling even) and a bar upstairs. That’s where we headed. It was crowded since the Braves were playing that evening.

Sad eyes – hard day

The drinks were pretty expensive, but the food was delicious and definitely worth the price. I even found a vegan dish!

The BEST falafel sandwich I’ve ever eaten, and the rosemary fries (the few I ate) were perfect!

The place had cleared out by the time we finished, so we left to explore the area a little more.

As we walked, I saw this slide and, feeling adventurous (and not tipsy – I’d only had one margarita), I told the Mr. that I wanted to go down.

Despite being told to pull my elbows and legs in, I was slow on the draw and paid the price.

Let’s just say that my middle name isn’t Grace.

The Battery is a family-friendly place with a lot of open space. I was impressed.

We checked out the menus of several places before deciding to settle at the Garden & Gun Club.

We really liked this place. The inside was small with low lighting. It was also very quiet, which was refreshing after the loud place we’d been to just minutes before.

We were also impressed by the drink menu. This page caught my eye:

I ordered the Lightnin’ Hopkins after googling a couple of the liqueurs from the ingredient list.

Excuse the misspelled name.

Before I had taken three sips of my drink, Chicky and her boyfriend, B, arrived. What sweet joy. ❤ They had driven to Atlanta in their own car.

We couldn’t leave the guys out of the picture taking.

The bar had to quit taking orders a little early because they were having computer issues, so we left in search of other entertainment.

We were channeling our inner 20’something year old selves.

We landed at a country bar – the name of which escapes me.

Now y’all, we went from one extreme to another.

This place was a mecca for beer-pong-playing college kids.

The view across The Battery, since the country place was two story, was good. We even spied some Chick fil A cows headed out to, um, party maybe?

When you live in the South, you learn not to question anything you see.

Of course I had to potty a couple of times, and my naive self got an education when first off, someone spilled her drink on my foot – in the stall. Washing my foot off in the sink was an interesting experience.

Later, when I pottied for the second time, I tried a different stall. The same thing happened before I could even close the door, so I switched stalls.

Oh, the sad goings on in a bar bathroom. I was minding my own business when the girl in the stall beside me went down – hard.

And yes, if you’re going to get drunk and fall into my stall, I’m going to take a picture.

At least I turned OFF the sound on my phone so she wouldn’t know. I do have some manners, y’all.

I did go into teacher mode and quietly asked if she was okay. She assured me that she was.

I continued with my business and then this happened . . .

Yep. She fell again . . . on that nasty floor. I asked if she was alright, and a different voice answered. I guess she had a friend with her.


Chicky, B, the Mr., and I had a good laugh about this when I showed them the pictures later.

Bless it.

By then, it was pretty late, so we walked back to the hotel so we could grab a few zzzz’s.

The next day promised to be busy.

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