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Self-care may seem indulgent, but in reality, it’s integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Can I get an amen?

Yesterday, I indulged in a bit of this.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.  I adore my hairdresser.  She’s incredibly kind, sassy as all get out, and curses like a rated R movie.  This girl does not play.  She speaks my language (except for the cursing part).

When I got to her salon, she commented on my hair and how great it looked.

Y’all, I should have taken a picture of it.  Although I had showered, I had not washed it.  I mean, why if I was getting it taken care of anyhow?

I hadn’t even brushed it.

Yep.  I go out in public with bed head.  There.  I admitted it.  The truth is that when you have naturally curly hair, a brush will ruin it.  Hello humidity and frizz!

She loved it though and thought I’d purposely styled it that way.  She’s used to seeing me with my hair straightened.

I was feeling like I should be on a Prell commercial . . . except for the forehead bandage thing.


Anyhoo, she began to work her magic, and I sat in her chair enjoying the pampering.

She has a son who will be starting high school next month.  He’s attending the school where I teach, so we are both excited.  In fact, she has told me that it’s largely due to our conversations over the years about my teaching there that led her to the decision to enroll him in our AICE (advanced) program.  Plus, knowing that I’m there will be a comfort to her.

All the feels, y’all.

We were the only ones in the salon, so we chatted to our hearts’ content without interruption, except when she moved me to the hair dryer.

I had not been feeling well yesterday – the ever-simmering headache was worse than the day before – but as I sat under that dryer, I started to feel better.  I later learned, from a text from Super Sis, that she’d asked her church’s leadership to pray for me during one of their meetings (she works at her church and was at the meeting).  I’m fully convinced that God provided relief at the exact time they were praying – no coincidence there.

I think my favorite part of a day at the hair salon is the actual hair washing.  It’s akin to having a pedicure without the ticklish feet part.  I could have taken a nap at this point.

Our fun continued as she proceeded to cut and style my hair.  When you’ve got hair like mine and can get it blown out straight – well – there’s something soothing about it.  You know what I mean – the pulling out of each section of hair on the round brush.  There’s a rhythm to it that’s as hypnotic as a lullaby.

Pampering at its best, y’all.

I hugged Dana goodbye as I told her to send me her son’s schedule.  She’s probably going to give me a bag of snacks for him – one I’ll keep in my closet at school so if he gets hungry, he can grab something.  I love being a school mama for my friends’ children.  ❤

I felt almost brand new as I headed home.  Not only had my hair been lightened but my mood had been as well.

2 Responses

  1. Despite giving up work and taking a hit on our income having my hair coloured and done regularly is one luxury I’m not prepared to give up. Yes pampering is good for your well being. You’re looking good! (Apart from that bandaid 😉 )

  2. Pampering is a must!!!!
    Your hair looks fantastic! Sun kissed!
    & there truly is NOTHING like a scalp massage when you get your hair colored. I honestly could sit with that for a half hour.

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