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California – Day 5

This was going to be our last full day in California, and I didn’t want to waste a minute.

I got on up and did my workout.  It was the first day of Phase 3 of 80 Day Obsession and boy did it kick my rear end.  Beach Body on Demand rocked, y’all.  I loved using the app!!

Then, I put in almost three and a half miles on the treadmill before heading back to the apartment.

We were taking it a little easy as far as adventuring.  We went with the kids to see a house.  They were looking for a new place to rent – one with a small yard and a garage.

Doing everyday things with the kids almost made me forget that there are 3,000 miles that separate us on a regular basis.

The kids went to the gym when we got back, and the Mr. headed out to exercise in the apartment’s gym.  I took the opportunity to start packing.  I knew that we would be busy later that day and didn’t want to waste precious together time with the kids.

Later that afternoon, we headed out toward Sacramento for one last hurrah.

We’d heard incredible things about Topgolf and were eager to give it a whirl.  Rooster and N had played before.  In fact, they were the ones who suggested that we put this on our agenda when we were planning our trip.  Chicky has played where she lives too, so we were the last ones in the family to try it out.

Now, you guys know that I’m a bit athletically challenged.  The only golfing I’ve ever done is Putt Putt.


Still, I was excited to try something new.

Oh, and that bling?  Well, I was wearing a matching bracelet (duh), which was not the best decision.  I wound up taking it off later; it got in the way of golfing.  Lesson learned.

We asked for a bay on the third floor, which N said would be the easiest for hitting balls into their targets.  She wasn’t wrong about that.

It was another gorgeous day – sunny but not too hot.  Take a look at the view . . .

Have you ever done Topgolf?

The way it works is that you pay one price for the bay.  You get assigned an attendant who will assist you with getting your games set up and will take your food/drink orders.

The menu had a lot of options.

I went for the margarita in the souvenir cup, of course.  Check out the golf club straws too.

We placed our food orders and then began playing.

There are quite a few golf clubs you can choose from, and they are marked as far as how much distance they cover – very helpful for newbies like me.  The Mr. and Rooster also provided invaluable advice in this regard.  They’re more sports-oriented.

You wave your club in front of the scanner, and your ball drops down onto your putting green.  There’s a tee for you to set your ball on.

Now, you just aim for whatever target you want, depending on the game you’ve selected.  Rooster set us up with an easy game based strictly off of points.  The further the target, the more points you earn.  There’s a monitor that shows you exactly where your ball lands each time.  It’s a little like bowling, only much more fun.

I was a nervous wreck when I started teeing off.  I didn’t want to look dumb by whiffing the ball.

Yeah, I whiffed.


Rooster chuckled but encouraged me.

I couldn’t believe when I actually connected with the ball and hit it over the edge.

Check out this video that the Mr. took of me . . .

I felt like a character from the Jetsons.  Do you remember this cartoon from back in the day?

We played almost an entire game before our food arrived – nearly an hour’s worth of fun – so we signed up for another hour.

I got better the longer we played.  The key thing for me was remembering to keep my eyes on the ball and lower my shoulders.  When I hunched them around my ears, my ball went awry.  Once I got the hang of that, I was able to put more muscle into my swing.  All of those planks and pushups were finally being put to good use!  Ha!

This place has got it going on $$-wise, I’m telling you!

The food was delicious, and our portions were large!  I really enjoyed my hummus and veggies.

After finishing the first game, which I came in second or third in, we began the next game.  Rooster made this one harder.  We had to aim for certain targets each round.  I wound up almost beating the Mr.  I think I may have come in second in this game.  I think I surprised my crew, as well as myself.  This is a game I was made for!

After our second hour was up, we headed back home.

The sunset was breathtaking.

I hung out with Rooster and Gus while the Mr. packed.

Oh y’all, I was dreading the next morning, but I put on a brave face.  The kids had taken the entire week off just so they could spend all of their time with us.  What a selfless family I have!

We went to bed a little late, but like I said, I knew that we would be harried the next morning, so I eked out every bit of together-time that I could.

One Response

  1. We’re getting a Top Golf in our town soon. Or trying to – the area is fighting it … dumb. I’ve always said I think I’d be good at golf – have no reason to back that up, but just feel like I’d be good. HAHA – if it does open, I’ll have to try it.
    So you’re still loving 80 Day Obsession?

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