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A Positively Complimentary Hodgepodge

Look at me – joining in the Hodgepodge two weeks in a row.  Go me, Go me!  Ha!  Seriously, though, thanks for visiting!  I look forward to reciprocating after work since I must do teach the children all the things.

1.  January 24th is National Compliment Day. Is it easy or not so easy for you to accept a compliment? Share a recent compliment you’ve given or received.

I guess it depends on the compliment as to whether or not it’s easy for me to accept.  If it’s something fitness-related, I’m all gushy yes, but if it’s something about teaching, I’d rather defer attention to my students or other teachers.

I give compliments to my students every day.  Yesterday, I told one of my girls that I liked her the way her hair was braided.

Yesterday, my principal complimented on what I was doing in my class when he came in to observe me the day before (despite numerous tech-related issues . . . hello blocked websites and forgotten passwords!).

2.  Ten little things you are loving right now.

Ten little things that I am loving right now are:

Being out of my boot

Driving again

Lunching on mason jar salads

Indulging in no-bake desserts

Exercising to some awesome Hurt Foot workouts on YouTube

Scooping poop in mild winter weather

Discovering delicious Instant Pot recipes

Watching the hubby and our fur babies engage in their nighttime carrot routine

Getting on track with 2nd semester lesson plans

Testing out a new griddler and a vegan waffle recipe

3.Would people describe you as a positive person? Do you see yourself that way? I read here  a list/description of eight things positive people do differently-

Positive people find something to look forward to every day, they celebrate the small stuff, they’re kind, they stay busy, accept responsibility for their actions, forgive themselves, know when to move on, and resist comparisons

Which action on the list would you say you do regularly? Which action could you add to your life to give you a more positive outlook? If you’re a positive person, what’s something you do regularly that’s not on the list?

Yes, I believe that people describe me as a positive person.  I’ve had people tell me, in the midst of a conversation about bad stuff, that I always manage to find a silver lining in everything.

I do consider myself positive as well.  If you’ve been reading my blog since I broke my ankle a little over a year ago, you’ve probably seen that as well.

Out of the actions listed above, I think the one that stands out the most is that I celebrate the small stuff.  I’ve had to, y’all, especially with all of the challenges I’ve faced recently.  I think that my habit of finding joy in every circumstance became a big part of my healing as I focused more on what I was learning to do again versus what I couldn’t (that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a few pity parties along the way).

I think that I need to work on resisting comparisons.  If you know me personally, you’re probably nodding your head right now.  I am such an overachiever and can’t help but measure myself against what others are doing.  It’s tough.

Something that I do regularly that’s not on the list . . . hmmm!  I think that staying in my own lane, trying really hard not to gossip, helps me to be positive because I’m not immersed in the drama that can either come back to bite a person or be so drenched in negativity that one can’t find the way out.

4.  Homemade chicken soup, beef stew, or a bowl of chili…what’s your pleasure on a cold winter’s day?

Hold the meat on all of the above, please.  I’ll take any homemade vegan soup, stew, or chili – I have no preference.  I found a really good Instant Pot recipe for chili and man, even my students were raving about the delicious smell as it warmed up in the mini-crockpot I use in my classroom.

5.  The best part of my day is….

. . . coming home after a day of work and finding my dogs happily waiting for me.

6.  My Random Thought

So, I missed writing a birthday post for my daughter.  I snatched this photo from her Instagram feed.  Isn’t she a cutie pie?

My sweet Chicky, who has grown up on this blog, turned 26 on Monday.

I tried to call her while I was getting ready for work, but her planning period had changed, so she couldn’t talk.  We did, however, chat after I got off.  She was on her way to tutor a student.

Hello 26-year-old-life, welcome to adulting on your birthday.

9 Responses

  1. Do they really have hurt foot workouts? My daughter has been wearing a boot for the past few weeks. She is miserable and has started swimming for her exercise. Speaking of daughters, yours is a beauty just like her Mama. Have a wonderful boot-free week.

  2. I’m wondering about the hot pot craze? Is it easier than putting something in a crock pot? I know it’s fast, but is that the only difference? I liked your answer about ‘staying in your own lane’…definitely helps one stay positive!

  3. No boot: YAY!!!! Love Gambit exercising with you!!!
    Chicky…what a beauty!

  4. Your daughter is beautiful, just like you. Glad your boot is off!

  5. Ah great pics of your daughter. Glad you got to catch up too and yes you’re definitely a positive person.

  6. I’m a first time visitor to your site. First off, thanks for popping in on me! 😉 That’s wonderful news about being out of your boot. I broken ankle is no fun. I scrolled through a few of your older posts. Your injury looked pretty serious. In 1996, DH broke his ankle. It didn’t require surgery but it was very painful. Luckily a hard cast wasn’t needed. They used a soft cast that he could take off to shower and to use the proper (ice/heat) therapy each evening. It seems he went to PT a few times but nothing extensive and they fitted him with a special foot arch. I can’t remember all the details but I do recall that the swelling and bruising took many months to go away. After that, he was paranoid (who can blame him?) and wore high top athletic shoes to protect his ankle. He insisted we all wear them, too. He didn’t want me or the kids to have to go through something like that. What can I say, he’s my protector, my hero! 😉

    BTW, you’re just as cute as a button! I could never go vegan. I love veggies but I have to have meat!! lol I’m sure I’d die if I couldn’t have a hamburger or steak or chicken tenders or turkey! No turkey for Thanksgiving? You see, it would be a horrible problem for me but if it works for you then…*applauds* I’m so happy for you! 😀

    I betcha your positive attitude helped a lot with your healing process. I do believe in the power of a positive outlook. I think it makes a difference on how well someone recoveries. So, YAY for you! And, I think having a sunny disposition is generally overall healthier for ya, too. Drama sucks your energy; happiness enlights, empowers your energy. I think the Hodgepodge crew is a wonderful bunch!

    Isn’t it something how our babies grow up so fast? I have three kiddies. This year, they’ll be 30, 28, & 24. Although they are grown, they will always be my babies in my heart. *sniffle sniffle* The upside is, I’m enjoying this phase in my life with lots of free time with DH and pursuing things that interest me. Life is indeed good.

    Thanks for hopping over and have a good week (what’s left of it)!

  7. I like that BIG waffle iron! Ours makes one at a time.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter, adorable pictures!
    Staying clear of drama can be a challenge, but oh so worth it!

  8. You are so right about “staying in one’s own lane” and avoiding drama and gossip. I didn’t think of this one while answering the question (but it’s something I try to do), so I’m glad you shared it.

    I read a few of your other posts and so enjoyed your “Milestones” one. What a time you and the Mr. have had with your health! That post was beautifully written.

  9. My goodness! You don’t look old enough to have a 26 year old daughter! I used to teach computer classes in a middle school and it seemed like every time I was observed there was some kind of “technical difficulty” grrrrr. All of my administrators were very understanding though.

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