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Feeling Accomplished With the Hodgepodge

Thank goodness for the Hodgepodge.  It’s pretty much the one consistent thing I seem to be writing about these days on this here blog.  Join up with Joyce to partake of the fun!

1.  What pets did you have while growing up? Tell us a little something about them.

I had two dogs, Salt and Pepper.  They were miniature schnauzers, wickedly smart, and simply adorable.  We had them from the time they were eight weeks old until they were pretty old.  I don’t really remember what happened to Pepper.  I’m not sure if she wandered off, got stolen, or passed away.  Salt turned into a fat old man.  He wandered all over the small town where we lived in Alabama.  I left him behind when I got married and moved away.  I don’t think the last few years of his life were too great.  He’d grown up as an inside dog, but my mom and stepdad got divorced, and things (including pets) went by the wayside.  I heard that he died after getting in a fight with a dog.  He was probably too old to really fight back, bless his heart.  He was such a good dog.

2.  What is one thing you absolutely must accomplish today?

Today will be pretty easy at school.  It’s Homecoming week, and Wednesday’s schedule is going to be fluid with two activities centered around fancy senior attendants.

I’ve got physical therapy after school, and I MUST schedule my next three or four appointments.  I’m praying that I don’t have to do battle; the number of visits I have left was up in the air last week, but I let God work that out for me.

I also really, really need to get my lesson plans done for next week.  The Word file is done, but I like to make a Smartboard file to go along with it as a visual aid for my students.

So, I guess I listed out two or three things depending on how you look at it.

3.  Where were you ten years ago? What were you doing there?

I was right here in Podunk, Florida, trying to keep my head afloat while I balanced a full-time college load, part-time job, a middle schooler, and a high schooler . . . both of whom were playing travel soccer (Chicky all over the country; Rooster all over the Southeast).  Life was crazy!

4.  September 26th is National Dumpling Day. Did you celebrate? Apple dumpling, xiao long bao (steamed Chinese dumpling), chicken and dumplings, pirogi, matzoh balls, or gnocchi…which dumpling on this list would be your dumpling of choice? Have you ever made homemade dumplings of any kind?

I did not celebrate.  Back in my meat-eating days, I could throw down a plate of chicken and dumplings.  Living in the South means you grow up eating that at least once a week.  I have made homemade dumplings before.  They were a pain in the rear.  It’s much easier to go to Cracker Barrel!

5.  There are two kinds of adventurers: those who go truly hoping to find an adventure and those who go secretly hoping they don’t.’ William Trogdon

So which kind are you?

Tough question.  I’m a pretty cautious person; however, I am kind of brave in some areas of my life (i.e., going back to college, deciding to become a teacher, becoming a vegan, and learning how to cook vegan dishes).  I guess I’m about half and half.

6.  My Random Thought

Since we were talking about fur babies earlier, I thought I’d share the picture I took on Sunday of my boys . . .

I enlisted the Mr.’s help to get them to PetSmart for manis/pedis.

The Mr. was not amused, and although the dogs look happy here, they quickly changed their tune when we left the neighborhood.

Both of them whined the entire way there (less than ten minutes).

Then, we had to wait about fifteen or twenty minutes, and poor Gambit shook most of that time.

Pele was a royal pain when they clipped his back nails, while Gambit gave the girl fits when she messed with his front paws.

Divas, the both of them.

They were thrilled to go home; we didn’t hear a peep from them the entire way back.

I love these turd buckets, whining or not.

3 Responses

  1. Cute story about the mani/pedis. One of my dogs love to go for the beauty treatment, my little one was banned from Petco. Have a good week.

  2. Awwww, it made me sad about your schnauzers. I’ve had two mini schnauzers and they were two of the best ever. Both lived to old age and died at home. Your boys are cute, but my goodness, I would also need help with them. Handling one dog is enough for me these days.

  3. Aww your dogs don’t look impressed about being in the car. I bet they were glad to get home. I hope you complete your to do list for today

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