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God’s Timing

I am constantly in awe of God’s timing and the way He weaves the details of our lives to form an ever-expanding and beautifully complete picture.

Take, for instance, a young lady I just became friends with.  My friend, Barb, gave me her name and number after sharing with me that this gal had been offered a teaching position at the same school that I worked at my first year.

I called the gal, and her situation was eerily similar to my own . . . Christian . . . first year upper level English teacher . . . soon-to-be alternative certification student.

She wanted to know about my experiences that first year because the school is small, private, and has some things specific to it that are different from the public schools in our District.

I was able to share the story of my first year . . . the highs and lows . . . things I’d learned since then . . . mistakes I’d made that I would do over if I could.

She, too, was in awe of how God had answered her prayer for guidance regarding her decision to either accept or turn down the position.

She had been looking for a teaching position for awhile; however, as anyone who has ever looked for a job can attest to, unless you have experience in whatever field you’re looking for work in, you will not get hired.  You can’t get experience if you’re not hired.  It’s a frustrating cycle with no easy answer . . . unless someone is willing to take a chance on you.  Given the high stakes in education these days (student test scores, teacher VAM scores, budget matters, etc.), it can be extremely difficult to secure a job despite the supposed “teacher shortages” loudly trumpeted about all over the news.

We talked for a long time, and we texted the next day after she’d accepted the position.

I’m going to be sharing some of my resources with her to, hopefully, help make her first year a little easier than mine was.  At the time, I really didn’t have a mentor, except for Barb, and she was extremely busy teaching her own classroom of kiddos, so I didn’t want to monopolize her time too much.  I did have my friend, Jane, who was also a first-year teacher in a classroom down the hall.  We leaned on each other heavily that first year.  Everyone needs a Jane in her life, especially with such unique circumstances.

This time, it will be my turn to encourage, advise, praise, and console.

This experience is reminding me, yet again, what an incredible God I serve.  He loves each person and knows our needs even before we do.  His plans are perfect; He never leaves anything to chance, nor does He waste anything.

I needed this reminder as some of the details of my own life . . . healing from my ankle . . . the Mr.’s upcoming surgery . . . and everything in-between is getting muddied up a bit.

God is in the details, working behind the scenes to allow things to come to fruition . . . in the proper time.

One Response

  1. Amen!!! It doesnt always feel like it but its always God working in timing.
    I heard a message not too long ago where a lady said that even when things are bad, she is thankful for those moments because she knew God was positioning her in the exact place she needed to be for something better in her life. Such wise perspective

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