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Week 29

Ok, so that’s not my foot, but isn’t that tattoo awesome?  I found this image when I was searching for a “Finding Joy in the Journey” graphic.  I need this tattoo in my life.  Seriously, though.

So, can you believe that today marks 29 weeks (seven months and one week) since I broke my ankle?

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs along the way; this week wasn’t much different.

Monday was a holiday, so I switched up my PT days a bit by going in on Tuesday and Thursday instead.

I’d been in some pain last weekend.  I suspect that this was due to working out and going on two four-mile walks.  The Mr. keeps trying to get me to slow down, but I insist on living my life.

When I went in on Tuesday, I gradually began experiencing more discomfort as I went through my exercises.  It became almost unbearable, so I mentioned it to my physical therapist.

He felt my Achilles’ tendon and was immediately surprised at the knot that I had.  I knew it was going to be a “tool” day.

He also mentioned that I should get in touch with my surgeon . . . that I might need a shot of cortisone since the tendon keeps getting inflamed.

In between the time I finished my exercises and got on the table to be worked on, I googled “cortisone” and “Achilles’ tendon.”  The results did not look promising; some sites mentioned that getting such shots was often discouraged because they could lead to ruptured tendons.


Meanwhile, my therapist got to work, even calling over a student who works at the office to feel my tendon.

I knew it wasn’t good.

He got her to compare my left tendon, which was “loosy goosy” with the right one, which was tight and unyielding.

Then, he got out the “tool” and began the process of rubbing out the knot.

The pain, y’all.  It was a real thing.

Meanwhile, he talked and told me that this would be something I’d probably be dealing with for awhile . . . a side effect of my injury.

I maintained my sense of humor by joking that I already had scars to remind me of the trauma . . . I didn’t need extra pain to boot.

He chuckled.

When he got done, he gave me the terminology to use when contacting my surgeon.  Apparently, I have “myofascial restrictions” and a thickening of my tendon.  I found some interesting information here.

My PT suggested that I walk after my session, which I did because I had to go to Walmart anyhow.  He wanted me to move so that blood flow would increase to my ankle and tendon.  I was also told to ice it after I got home.  The ice, STEM therapy, and the “Prison Break” finale combination set me up for a comfortable evening.

Later that night, I sent an email, with the above notes, to my surgeon’s nurse.  She had been a gem when I had follow-up questions after my surgery and had always responded quickly to my messages.

She answered early the next day, suggesting that I might have Achilles’ tendinitis and that it would more than likely require a specific physical therapy protocol.  She also said that she’d be talking to my doctor the next day since he was in surgery all of Wednesday.  When she got back to me Thursday night, she said that the doctor wanted to see me for a re-evaluation before he prescribed further treatment.  I’m going in on Tuesday for that.

Meanwhile, Wednesday proved to be a very painful day for me.  That’s usually the case after I’ve had my ankle worked on.

By Thursday afternoon, the pain had subsided a lot, and physical therapy wasn’t nearly as painful.

Yes, I’m aware that I mixed Under Armour and Nike. Don’t judge.

Friday wasn’t as bad either.

To be sure, I am still having nearly constant pain . . . usually in my heel and the back of my ankle and tendon, but since the heel and tendon are directly linked, it’s not a surprise.

The Mr. keeps reminding me that I am only a quarter of the way through my recovery and to be patient, but it’s hard, y’all.  I sound like a broken record each week, but it’s the truth.

I am praying that my doctor doesn’t tell me to stop working out.  I just don’t know if I’d take that well.

Ok, I know I wouldn’t and would still find a way to exercise.  I am hoping that being on summer break and doing different exercises at physical therapy will be “just what the doctor ordered.”

I sure would appreciate it if you would continue to lift me up in prayer.  I desperately want to be pain free.  Chronic pain is for the birds.  I also want to regain full use of my ankle.  I am sooooooo not there yet, and it sometimes stresses me and always frustrates me.


Meanwhile, I am still #findingjoyinthejourney despite the challenges that continue to plague me.

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