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Weeks 22 and 23

Oh goodness, but two weeks just flew by, didn’t it?!

I wanted to write last Sunday, but I was so tired that I couldn’t even make myself pull out my laptop.

So, I didn’t.

I want to update you on how my ankle is progressing.

During Week 22, I had to help administer the FSA (Florida’s state reading assessment).  Proctoring duties were staggered, so I didn’t have test duty that Monday and Tuesday.  Instead, I had long planning periods and didn’t see students until 1pm.  It was heavenly!  I got a lot done!

Wednesday and Thursday, I proctored two test sessions each day, which made for a LOT of standing.  There were two other teachers testing with me, and they were great about getting me to sit down as much as I could to rest my ankle.  Still, I had to walk some because just sitting makes my ankle freeze up.

Wednesday afternoon, my ankle was shot, and I struggled in physical therapy.

Strangely enough, I started back, in earnest, with my Piyo workouts.  My surgeon had advised me to work hard on the stretching so I can get back my full range of motion.  So, I started getting up at the crack of dawn to fit in my workouts.

I’m doing modifications where I need to…hence the chair.  I can’t quite do the Warrior 3 position on my right foot.  My ankle isn’t strong enough yet.

We had Good Friday off, so I got out and walked.  I had signed up for another Hogwarts Running Club race, the Unmasked 10-Mile Run For Your Life.  I knew I’d have to break the race into bite-sized portions.

That Friday, I completed the second of what would turn out to be four segments, 2.5 miles each, of walking that race.  I finished it on Easter Sunday before church.

Each day I walked that weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), I improved my pace.

I did have some ankle pain while I walked and made mental notes of where I was hurting so I could keep my physical therapist apprised.

Meanwhile, I was still following my Piyo calendar.

Y’all…that Warrior position…I feel so strong when I do it.

So Week 22 ended, and I kind of felt like I was turning another corner.

And then…

Week 23.




It was the week of hell for my ankle.

By the time I got to physical therapy on Monday, my ankle was extremely swollen.  Even the gal who wraps it in ice after each session noticed.

The pain didn’t hit full-force until Tuesday.  I could hardly walk into school that morning without a lot of pain…bone pain.

Tuesday was probably the worst day I’d had since February.  I felt like I’d literally taken huge steps backward in my recovery process.

By Wednesday, the pain had eased off a little, but it was still present, and it made me slow down even more.  It was a day that called for a stop at Chick-fil-A on my way to physical therapy…because waffle fries make everything a little better (even at 500 calories).

My physical therapist was a bit at a loss as to why I was hurting so badly.  We discussed what I had been doing, and honestly, it didn’t seem as though I’d done much.

The best I can think of is that my weekend of walking and pushing my pace lower each day had probably put a lot of pressure on my ankle.

As the Mr. reminded me, I’m only five and a half months out from breaking it.

Because of the bad week, which just didn’t seem to get a lot better overall, I decided to take it super easy on Saturday.  I’d planned on going to the pool, but in the end, I stayed inside, sitting on my recliner, catching up on shows I’d recorded.

I had a mini-meltdown at the end of the day, much to the hubby’s chagrin.

I felt useless.

I felt like it was November all over again, when my only course of action was sitting.

It was incredibly frustrating, so I let myself have a pity party.

For a minute or two.

The Mr. told me that most people would not have gone back to work two weeks after breaking their ankle, nor would they be doing half of what I was currently trying to do.


He told me that I was pushing myself too hard and expecting too much too soon.

He’s right.

So, I extended a bit of grace to myself, dried my tears, and kept watching TV.

This morning, I woke up feeling a lot better, got a workout in (no walking though), and took turns sitting in my chair and getting up and cooking for short amounts of time.

Bone pain has to be one of the worst pains there is, and I do not want to make myself have more of it by making poor choices for myself.

This journey of recovery continues to teach me so much.

I have to stop feeling guilty for taking care of myself.

I have to be okay with resting.

I have to continue to be patient during this process.

I might have mentioned, a time or two, that I am a slow learner sometimes.


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