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It Took a Village

Happy Monday After Spring Break…said nobody ever.


Not only was today about getting up to an o’dark 30 alarm, but it was also about logistics.

First of all, can we just say icky to the yicky and all things blah about returning back to the land of the working?  The dogs were not amused either.

The Mr. had left the afternoon before because he had another doctor appointment at the Mayo Clinic.  I didn’t go with him to this one because I’ll be going on Wednesday when he meets with his GI surgeon, so the dogs and I were on our own.

With him gone, I was also without a car.  We only have one “family” car.  He has a car for work, but he can’t use it for personal reasons.

That left it up to me to figure out how I was going to get to school…and physical therapy…and home from there.

I’d texted my friend, Megan, last week and had asked if she could pick me up in the morning.  She lives in the subdivision across the street from mine, and she’s also a teacher at my school.  We’ve given each other rides before.

Thus it was that I found myself having a flashback to my school days when I’d wait outside for my ride…

Teachers do not travel light!  I had my purse, lunchbox, and my teacher bag…filled with workout clothes for physical therapy and my sneakers (please take notice of my non-sneaker shoes…just don’t tell my physical therapist…ahem).

After I got to school, I reached out to my next door neighbor, a stay-at-home mom, to ask if she would mind letting out my dogs mid-afternoon.  With the Mr. out of town and me having PT straight from school, Pele was going to be locked up until 5:30.  Don’t even mention doggy doors.  They would not work with my dig-happy pups.  She seemed happy to help.  ❤

I had a good day at school.  My students took notes as we started a new unit.

After school, I grabbed my bag, changed, and went outside to find a friend from church waiting for me.  I’d texted her last week to ask if she could give me a ride from school to physical therapy.

Can I give a shout-out to my small group peeps?  I am not a person who likes to ask for help.  I think being rejected in the past a few times has hurt me.  Plus, I don’t like having to depend on others.  I swallowed my pride, though, and reached out, and K was so gracious.  She was even thoughtful enough to have a cold bottle of Dasani water waiting for me in her car.

All the love!!!

K even offered to return to pick me up if I didn’t have a ride home.

Fortunately, the Mr. made it back in town just as I was finishing, so I didn’t have to inconvenience anyone else.

But y’all, this day!  It reminded me of trying to coordinate two kids’ soccer and school schedules!!

As much as I have always enjoyed living on my little island, the last few months have taught me that I need others, just as they need me.

God created us for community, as hard as that is for me, so I’m trying, and I’m so grateful that while it’s uncomfortable to ask, there are people in my life right now who are willing to fill in the gap and be the support that I need.

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