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15 Weeks

I’m sitting here, writing this blog, and marveling at the fact that, as of 11:30pm tonight, it will be fifteen weeks since I broke my ankle.

There weren’t any significant changes in my ankle this week…at least not that I could see.

My new sneakers are wonderful.  If I wasn’t walking so slowly, I hardly suspect that people would know that I’d hurt it.

The first thing my physical therapist asks when I walk in twice a week is, “How’s the ankle feeling?”

Honestly, it’s a day-by-day thing.  Sometimes, I know from the way it feels when I put on my shoes, how it’s going to do.

Other days, it surprises me.

I’m never pain-free, and I’m always hobbling by the end of the day.  The amount of swelling varies but is never completely gone.

I’m not complaining, mind you.  I am still so grateful for the healing that has occurred and the healing that is continuing.

I started doing some stretching exercises this past week in an attempt to alleviate the knee pain that started a couple of weeks ago.  My PT says it’s because I’m not strong yet.  I think it’s due to my right leg being underused for all of those weeks.  I lost flexibility in my knee.  I’m borrowing moves from my Piyo workout routine.  I love the Warrior positions.  I’ve been practicing my balancing…not easy, let me tell you!  Down dog looks rather ugly, but I can do it with my heels lifted off the floor.

I also discovered that I can still do push-ups!  That was a pleasant surprise.  My upper body is strong because of all of the walking I did via crutches.

I’m also doing some good old fashioned stretching.

On Saturday, I went out and did a little shoe shopping…yeah, again.

This time, I was on the hunt for stylish sandals that offer support for my non-arched, pronated right foot (the broken one).

Last Sunday, my friend, Barb, had told me about Vionics.  I’d never heard about this company, but when Pamela commented on my Hodgepodge post last Wednesday and mentioned Vionics, I knew I needed to check them out.

I went to a local store first and saw this display when I walked in…

The staff was incredibly knowledgeable.  They used some of the same words that my PT had used to describe my foot, which made me feel a lot more comfortable.  I was a little dismayed (but I didn’t show it) when one of the clerks told me that she could tell which ankle I’d broken…that my legs looked nothing alike (ignore my ugly toenails…I’d just taken off the polish).

I don’t know why, but my heart hurt.  I know that I’ve made a lot of progress since I broke it.  Heck, I’m walking for heaven’s sake.  Maybe it’s vanity, but I want things to look normal again.  Maybe it’s fear that they won’t.  That’s a question I’m going to tuck away to ask my surgeon when I go to a followup visit in April.

I was having a rough morning with my ankle, though.  You can see this from the redness.  There’s still a lot of healing going on.  Plus, one of the other PTs told me that foot injuries are the worst because of the impact that gravity has on them.

Anyhow…back to my shoe story.

I was super honest with the clerks and told them that I was only looking…trying to get an idea of how the supportive shoes felt on my feet.  I tried on three pairs and fell in love with these flip flops…

I don’t think I’ve ever worn flip flops with support in the arches before.

They felt like butter…smooth.

Oh my.

For the price tag, they better!  We’re talking $74.95 or something like that.  I didn’t buy them.

I tried on two more pairs, which I did not photograph.  I absolutely could not stand one pair…the straps were just ugly.

This girl is NOT about to get old lady shoes, despite my need for arch support.

Vanity is indeed my middle name.

The other pair I tried on looked nice…on the shelf…but on my feet, not so much.  I have long feet, but the clerk said that they are thin, so wider bottom shoes don’t work on my feet.


I went to Dillard’s next and was surprised with the selection.

I tried these on…




I.  Loved.  Them.

And another hefty price tag…

I also tried on a pair of flats, which I didn’t take a picture of but liked.  I needed a smaller size, though, which the store didn’t have.

One other pair of shoes I tried on were these…

They weren’t Vionics.  I can’t remember the name now.  I liked the look but was concerned that there wasn’t enough support.

So, I went home without buying a single pair, but I will go back at some point and buy at least two of them.

That ended the week, except for a day spent cooking…prepping for the week…and washing dishes.

Maple-Nut Cookie Bars

Maple-Nut Cookie Bars

I continue to find myself grateful that I am able to drive, run errands, and work around the house.  These are things I couldn’t do for so many weeks that rather than being chores, I consider them privileges.

Perspective is everything, y’all.

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