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Three Weeks Post-Op

Yesterday marked three weeks since I had surgery to repair my trimalleolar fracture.

Despite the fact that some days are still filled with pain (yesterday was not the best day in this regard), I’m seeing progress in what I can do.

The Mr. and I have resumed our dinners out at local establishments…

We make sure to ask for booths so I can put my leg up.

I’m back in the swing of things at work thanks to a wake-up routine that the Mr. and I have just about gotten a handle on…

I’m dressing more professionally again; the Mr. has seen to this with his shopping excursions and daily outfit selections.

The guy has good taste in clothes.  He bought me three dresses and two skirts (on sale) this past weekend and then went back to the store and bought me a few shirts to match (we decided to keep one after I tried them on).

Dressing nicely has helped my psyche.

Check out the scooter!  The Mr. works with a guy whose wife broke her ankle…maybe a year ago…and generously offered the use of several items.

The Mr. eagerly took him up on the offer, so now we have two scooters!

I’m using one for the house and the one with the basket for school.  We think it will help reduce the number of times he has to put the scooter in the car and take it out again.

I love the basket!  I used it today at school to carry my stuff to the copy room.

The second scooter also has this nifty item…

You know I’m having fun with that bell.  In fact, when the Mr. took it out of his car yesterday to adjust the seat and handlebars, I might have made a certain dog unhappy by ringing it more than a few times…

Another sign of progress is that I’m making my breakfast!  In my effort to get more calcium in my diet, I’m using fortified soy milk to make my old fashioned oatmeal.  I used to cook it with water.

I even washed my pot after!

Oh, and the Christmas present thing.

Thanks to the internet and Santa’s elves, who are sneaky things, I am making purchases and getting them into the house.

I did nearly get busted by the Mr. this afternoon when he came home from work earlier than I’d expected.  I quickly hid his gift…

In plain sight…

With whatever I could reach.

Let’s hope he doesn’t get the urge to peek.  Santa would have to move him to the Naughty List!

I am not overdoing things, though, so don’t worry.  At least, I’m trying not to.

I’m still lesson planning hard-core when I get home from school each day, but as of last night, my plans are finished through the second week of January, so I am set!  Copies are also made, except for the semester exam.

It’s really hard to believe that it’s been a month since I broke my ankle.  It seems like a long time, but then again it doesn’t.

I’m still #findingjoyinthejourney…seeking out a silver lining for every negative thought I have.

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