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  • “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers” — Isaac Asimov

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Nine Years Ago

Nine years ago, today, I began my blogging journey.

You can read that first post here.

Chicky was playing in a soccer tournament in San Diego.  That was a fun trip, even if I was in the middle of my return back to college and had two big papers to write during our trip.

During these nine years of blogging, I’ve published almost 2,300 posts!

I’ve been a pretty regular blogger except for the last year or two.

I have a couple of blog friends who have been with me from the get-go.  Rebecca was the first blogger I connected with, and we’ve been friends from the beginning.

I’ve been friends with Mary for awhile as well, and we actually got to meet a few years ago.  We are hoping to get together when she comes to Podunk, USA during Christmas!

My blog is the place where I chronicled my children’s growing up years.  So many of those years were spent on the road…visiting one soccer field after another.

Over the years, we’ve had a few pets pass away, and we’ve acquired other furry friends.

It’s hard to believe that empty nesting wasn’t even something on my radar when I began blogging.  Now, it’s my station in life.  In fact, we’ll have an “official” celebration in a month when Rooster and N say “I Do” for the second time…only this time extended family and friends will be present.

Over the years, my blog has detailed joys and tears, separations and reunions.

You know.  Life.

I’ve shared traveling adventures (Alaska, the Caribbean, Disney, and Universal) and shopping forays (hello knitting stores in Las Vegas).

And who can forget my recent stories about fitness and vegan baking?

I feel as though this blog is one of my children.

I’ve nurtured it and, in the craziness of life, not paid as much attention to it as I should have.

Maybe it’s more like a fine wine that’s just getting better as it ages.

Yes, I think I like this analogy much better.


Gosh, y’all, but I’m almost getting emotional as I reminisce.

As shy as I am in-person, I don’t mind sharing things here.

Although I’m nervous about being rejected by “real” people, I don’t have that fear here.

I tell things like they are, hopefully in a way that others find entertaining.

I’m real, not rich monetarily, and…well…just me.

If you ever meet me IRL after reading my blog, I think you’ll find that to be true.

If you’re still reading my blog after all these years, I offer my sincerest thank you for sticking it out.

If you’re new, then I welcome you with open arms and hope you’ll settle in for awhile.

I’m like the weather in Florida.  If you don’t like something, chances are high that I’ll give you something totally different the next day.

Cheers to a great nine years, and here’s to a fantastic 10th!

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