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Joy in the Journey

Sounds like a strange title for a blog post given my current circumstances, eh?

Well, I started using that hashtag a few days ago, and as I contemplated my newest post, this title jumped out at me.

No matter what we go through in life, I think it’s important to look for hidden blessings.  These silver linings make the hard stuff easier to bear.

Despite my current challenges, I’m trying to find something positive every time I want to complain.

Here’s my list so far:

The Bad:  Falling over the dog and breaking my ankle
Silver Lining:  The dog cushioned my fall, and I didn’t hit my head on the floor or break a wrist.

The Bad:  Waiting in the ER for seven hours, with treatment happening intermittently.
Silver Lining:  I was much better off than some of the people I saw wheeled past my room.

The Bad:  A splint that was so tight that the pain kept me awake for nearly two days straight.
Silver Lining:  I can appreciate that my new, temporary cast is looser and, thus, less prone to cause me pain.

The Bad:  Being out of work.
Silver Lining:  Catching up on blog reading, chatting more in depth with friends, and sleeping constantly (now that I have new pain meds).

The Bad:  Not being able to work out or run.
Silver Lining:  Motivation to work harder when I am given the green light to do so.

The Bad:  Having to travel out of town for a really good surgeon.
Silver Lining:  Having the best surgeon around and catching up with family members who live in said town.

The Bad:  Having to rely on everyone for everything.
Silver Lining:  Feeling loved and a new appreciation for the little things and for the people in my life ❤

The Bad:  Derailed plans of every sort.
Silver Lining:  God is in control; His plan will NEVER be derailed.

Y’all, there is just so much more good than bad that I can’t list everything.

Yes, I’d rather not have done this.  The pain is absolutely horrible; the surgery will not be fun to recover from.

I cannot stand that this happened, but the fact is that it DID happen.  I cannot change that.

So, although I am crying a little sometimes, because I think it’s okay to have short pity parties every once in a while, and although I’m crying a lot when the pain gets to be too much, because even the best medicine wears off, I can already see the good that’s there.

Perspective is everything.

Finding joy in the journey because God is in the lead is my comfort.

2 Responses

  1. What a great perspective you have. May God richly bless you during this trial.

  2. I love this… I love you are already finding those linings on somewhat grey clouds!!! Perspective is EVERYTHING!!!!

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