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Why I Love Tuesdays

A Tuesday is good for a few reasons.

  1. It isn’t Monday.
  2. It is one more day closer to Friday.
  3. It’s the day that the JROTC kids at my school dress up in their blues.

Reason #3 is one of my favorites.

The kids come in all spiffed up, every hair in place (at least before P.E.).

They are more respectful when they wear their uniforms.

Their backs are straighter when they walk.

They are so proud.

Just today, two of my students were talking, and one was teasing the other.  When I inquired, my boy proudly pointed to a certain pin.

He’d just been promoted to A1C (Airman First Class).  He had taken the test and passed.

I didn’t know that they did this in high school.

My student went on to explain that he was now an E3.

My female student said that she’d be that rank as soon as she took the test.

Can I tell you how very much my heart soared?

My Rooster is in the Air Force, and he graduated from basic training as an A1C.

Oh y’all, the connections.

I used to dislike Tuesdays.

My Rooster left for basic training on a Tuesday, and I thought my heart would never recover.

Every Tuesday, I relieve a bit of that sadness when I read, on my Facebook support group, about sad see-you-laters that others are making.

And then today happened, when God showed me a way to be happy on a Tuesday (besides reasons #1 and 2).

Seeing my JROTC students reminds me of the pride I have, not only in this country, but in my son and others who choose to serve so selflessly.

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