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A Moving Hodgepodge

Look at me…three blog posts in a row.  Be impressed!  I don’t know how long I can keep it up (I should be grading or lesson planning as I type this).

So, it’s time for the Hodgepodge.  Link up with Joyce if you want to play along!

1.  What would you say is the best and worst thing about moving house?

The best thing about moving is, if you’re moving into a new home, having a blank slate…getting to start over.  I love that!  The worst thing about moving is trying to figure out where everything should go.  Talk about work!

2.  What’s moved you recently?

I’m reading the book The Honest Truth to a couple of my classes.  Even though I’ve read through this book four times already (this year will make for six times), I still cry at certain parts.  The book is about Mark, a twelve year old boy, who has cancer.  He runs away from home to climb Mt. Rainier…to die there on his terms.  He’s accompanied by his faithful dog, Beau.  Oh stars, but this book puts me in my feelings!  The author is a patient guy who always responds to my tweets.  No, I’m not a stalker…just a fangirl.

3.  Do you feel your life is moving forward, backward, or is on hold? How so?

Had you asked me this question this time last year, I would have told you that it was on hold.  With Rooster doing his Air Force thing across the country, I’m no longer in a holding pattern but am moving forward.  It’s tough to be an empty nester, but that’s just life, I guess.

4.  On the move, move mountains, get a move on, it’s your move, or bust a move...which phrase best applies to some aspect of your life right now? Explain.

I think I’m busting a move right now…both during my workouts and in my professional life.  Trying to stay on top of things isn’t for slackers.  I’m not a slacker.  Except on the weekends when I don’t allow myself to work.

5.  What song makes you want to get up and move?

Y’all…every time I hear “All About that Bass,” I get up and dance.  It’s scary.

This is a video I include in my end-of-the-year slideshows for my students.  You should see them nearly fall out of their chairs when they see it.

6.  Your favorite snack to grab when you’re ‘on the move‘?

I just discovered these bars.  They are vegan-friendly, low-calorie, and take the edge off of hunger.

7.  What one accessory makes your house feel like home?

I love my Scentsy candle warmers.  They smell so good, and they are really pretty!

8.  My Random Thought

I am loving some of the new shows this fall season.  One of my favorites is Designated Survivor.  I have always liked Kiefer Sutherland…ever since 24.  This is the perfect role for him.  The drama is intense; the story lines are multi-layered.

3 Responses

  1. Hey, I’m visiting from the Hodgepodge today!
    All About That Bass is a good song choice. I love it–and I love your little video, too 🙂
    We really like Designated Survivor, too. It’s a good show!
    Enjoy the rest of your week,
    Kathy (Reflections)

  2. I am enjoying Designate Survivor as well. I never watched 24, but I am looking forward to streaming it one day.

  3. I forgot All About That Bass…sooo catchy! I have not seen the show, but hope to catch up on it somewhere eventually. I kinda wish Jack Bauer were running for President : )

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