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Tool Time!

A few days ago, I retrieved the following from the garage…

I was on another one of my DIY missions.

This time, I wanted to replace the screen door on my patio.

It was looking pretty ratchet…slang for nasty.

My students taught me that word three or four years ago.

Be impressed.

As you can see, there’s a hole in the door, and my doggy door looks less than stellar.

We are rednecks.  What can I say.

The door quit closing properly a year or so ago, so we’ve left it propped open, with a piece of wood and one of those stepping stones you see there on the right.

Rednecks may not have good manners, but we can improvise with the best of them.

Anyhoo, one of my goals for the summer has been to get it replaced.  After talking to someone from a local screen and shutter place, I learned that I’d have to wait four to six weeks for them to come out.  Well, by that time, I’d be back in school and wouldn’t have the flexibility of being here, so I thought about it and decided, hey, I’m Auburnchick, welder of all tool things.  Why not have a go at it.

I found the right size tool and went for it.

Look at my moves…with pretty nails.

Are you impressed yet?

I sure am.


So, I removed all of those bolts, or whatever they are called.

I had to remove the ones on the outside of the door too.

I removed the frame around the door as well.  It was warped and needed to go.  Everything came off without any issues, leaving a lovely empty space.

I’ve got to figure out what to do with the old door.

I headed on out to Home Depot.  I’d been looking at doors online and thought I knew what I wanted.

All I want is simple.  I found the above, but…

The holes are not pre-drilled.  I supposed this is so the buyer can decide to put the hinges on the left or the right.  Still…I don’t drill.  That requires putting holes in exact places.  I don’t do “exact.”

I think you also have to buy a separate frame.

I left this in the store and came home to discuss the matter with the Mr.

He cares not.

I went back online and started looking some more.  I read reviews, and they are terrible for this door.  Seriously awful.

I looked at other stores online, and it would seem that everyone sells the same cheap doors.


So, I’m in a bit of a quandary.

Meanwhile, the dogs love the open doorway.  When Gambit sees a squirrel, he can take off without running into the corner of the door that used to be there.

DIY gone unfinished.  People, this is not how my overachieving self does things.

One Response

  1. Oh man – watch out – Gambit will run straight through that door when you put it back up now 🙂 Not that I know from experience… yes, I know from experience. Our screen door was knocked straight through when Buffy was around 🙂

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