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Black Beans and Rice Enchiladas

My love affair with this cook book continues.

I aimed high this week with a recipe that had piqued my interest…Black Beans and Rice Enchiladas.

I love Mexican food.

So much.

The recipe, which I also located here, seemed simple enough, and I had most of the ingredients.  A quick trip to the grocery store secured the items I didn’t have.

I got to work.

The first order of business was making the black bean and rice filling.  I had to double the amount of vegetable stock and cook the rice for a LOT longer.  Brown rice takes forever to cook!  The taste of the filling…oh my.  So delicious!  The fresh tomatoes and salsa add a zip to the taste buds.  It can be eaten alone or maybe even on top of a salad!!

Then, I began assembling the enchiladas.

First, the dip into enchilada sauce.

Then, the filling…1/3 cup.

What a messy job!

After covering the enchiladas with sauce, I added the cheese…vegan, of course.  Daiya is my favorite.

While they were baking, I began cleaning up and discovered that I’d ruined my self-done nails.  Apparently, enchilada sauce stains French manicures.  Who knew?

Thirty minutes later, my food was ready (that cheese is melted…trust me).

I plugged the recipe into MyFitnessPal and yikes!  One enchilada has over 200 calories!!!  I ate two.

Here’s what I learned.

Fresh is best.  These are so much better than what I get at our local Mexican restaurants.

I put too much enchilada sauce in the dish.  Maybe I shouldn’t have dipped them first.  Maybe I shouldn’t have covered them so completely at the end.  The enchiladas were soggy.  They still tasted great, though.  I use a toaster oven to reheat food.  Microwaving is terrible for you.  I knew that the toaster oven would allow reheated enchiladas to get crisp.  This has proven true.  I’ve reheated three or four since the night I made them.  Reheated, they taste even better, I think.

The taste…so yummy!!!  These are quite filling too!  I will definitely make them again.  They’ll be great to take leftover for lunch when school resumes.

One Response

  1. I could eat mexican every day of my life. I’m sure of it.
    Poor french manicure.

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