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Patriotic Hodgepodge

I hope you had a great 4th of July!  I certainly did!  It’s time for the Hodgepodge.  Play along by answering on your own blog and linking up with Joyce.

1.  How did you welcome the month of July, and tell us one fun thing you did to celebrate the 4th. (or the weekend for any non-USA residents playing along today).

I welcomed July by spending time with my hubby.  It’s just the two of us now, and we don’t lead an exciting social life.  I started off the 4th with a Hammer and Chisel workout.  I just finished my first round of the program (two months), but I decided to do one more round before starting a different Beachbody program.

The Mr. went shopping to pick up food to grill out for dinner, and then we headed to the pool.

I’ve been reading A LOT…books from my classroom library so I have firsthand knowledge of their plots when recommending reading material to my high school students.  The pool was fairly quiet until about 3pm.  We then had the pleasure of watching young families with their little kids.  Ahhh.  The memories.

Later, the hubby grilled out (veggie burger for me…meat burgers for him), and we just laid low afterward.  Molly, one of my furbabies, is terrified of fireworks, so I spent the evening loving on her.

2.  Right now..what’s your favorite red thing? white thing? blue thing? 

I’m loving the new head wraps that I purchased from Hippie Runner.  Shout-out to Rebecca.  I saw a picture she had posted on Instagram and immediately ordered my own set…patriotic of course.

3.  Wave the white flag, raise a red flag, fly your freak flag…which ‘flag’ have you flown most recently? Explain. 

I had to look up the freak flag saying.

That is me.  To a T.

I’m unique, I think.  Well, we all are, of course, but I definitely march to the beat of my own drummer.

One of the things I do is record myself dancing…usually toward the end of the school year when summer is on the horizon.

Here’s the most recent dance I did.  Keep in mind that school was officially out…as of maybe twenty minutes before I filmed.  I was a little nervous about someone walking in and seeing me.  LOL.

Be jealous of my moves, y’all.  Or be thankful that I didn’t feel completely free to cut loose like I could have.


4.  According to Cond Nast Traveler these are the seven best places to visit in July-

a boat safari in Botswanna’s Okavango Delta, Riviera Maya Mexico (it’s whale shark season and apparently you can swim with them), Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, Pamploma Spain, St. Petersburg Russia, the Fuji Rock Festival at Mount Naeba Japan, the Salzburg Festival in Salzburg Austria

If time and money weren’t factors would you want to see any/all of these? Which would you most like to see and why? 

I think I’d go with the boat safari.  The opportunity to see animals in their natural habitats would be incredible!!  I also wouldn’t mind going to Austria.  My dad’s side of the family was from France and Germany.  Seeing that part of the world would help me feel connected to them.

5.  Grilled cheese, pimento cheese, or mac and cheese…your favorite from the cheesy treats listed?

Vegan mac and cheese please.  Yum!

6.  What makes you sweat? 

Literally, the humidity that we are experiencing down here in the South.  Figuratively, classroom observations by administrators or District people.  Lord have mercy, but when you’re talking about watching kids in action, there’s no telling what you’re going to get…even with the teenagers I teach.

7.  Your favorite movie with a ‘patriotic’ theme of some sort?

The first movie title that came to mind was The Patriot.  The things our nation’s earliest soldiers went through to secure our freedom…at great personal cost…wow.

I have to mention one other movie that I thought of.  The hubby and I saw 13 Hours when it came out, and we rented it a week or two ago.  That movie made me cry both times because it’s a true story.  I’m so grateful for those who serve all over the world…especially in the Sandbox, as the Middle East is known.  Their lives are constantly in peril, and the politics in such matters are too much for my brain to comprehend.

8.  My Random Thought

Mischief is afoot in Chez Auburnchick.  Care to guess what I’m up to?

6 Responses

  1. Putting together patio furniture? I don’t know. Tools aren’t my thing. haha

    Teachers were always making me sweat. I remember a time when I was on the side of making a teacher sweat on evaluation day. It was my college French class. I am terribly shy and absolutely do NOT want to be called to the board, talk from my seat, or give any sort of presentation. We had an unspoken understanding the day of her evaluations: You don’t call on me and I won’t refuse to go to the board. You call on me and we’re both going to be embarrassed. Thankfully, she didn’t call on me! I was terrified that she was going to call on me, thinking she could push me into doing what I couldn’t do without puking. Even just typing about being on display in public makes my heart pound.

    In high school US History class, I endured the weekly current events presentation. I didn’t want to, but had no choice. Each week, from the beginning of the school year to the very last day, I would get up there to tell my current even with a swollen tongue, shaking legs, pounding heart, and dry mouth. It never, ever got any better. Some teachers think they can help you over this fear, and for some kids it works. Not this one.

    Best wishes to you and have a great summer!

  2. I love the headbands : ) My daughter is into the Beach Body program and is going to their big conference in Nashville later this summer. I’ve been reading a lot too and have really enjoyed the library this summer. Have a great day!

  3. I still love your headbands… perfect for the summer!!!

    Your video – I love how you keep looking at the door 🙂 I’ve seen some of your others where you really cut loose. You are my kinda gal!!! DANCE ON!!! 🙂

  4. Love your dance – I think to work with teenagers you’ve got to be able to “fly your freak flag” every once in a while! I’ve got three teens at home, and while I hopelessly embarrass them at times, I know they secretly love it! teehee… Have a good time, um, changing out tires?

  5. OMG! your dance video is so fun! I would never have the nerve to do this in a public place, you are my hero. I do dance around the living room every chance I get. I enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know a little about you, thanks for sharing.
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  6. I’m with you on the non-exciting social life. Our nest became officially empty 2 weeks ago. Boy, is it quiet around here. I’m looking forward to rekindling our friendship in this phase of life.

    You look great! I’m just starting the Tai Cheng program from Beach Bodies. My balance already stinks so I want to try and correct that before I’m old and it really matters.

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