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Light at the End of the Tunnel

Whoever said that teachers are lucky because they get off at 3pm and don’t have to work during the summer clearly was not part of the profession.

Yesterday, when I got home, it was as though I was beginning a second shift.

After spending a few minutes outside with the dogs, I got back to work.  I took a short break for dinner with the Mr. and then resumed.

The extra six or so hours were productive.

I FINISHED my lesson plans for the REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!!!

I still have to do my copying for these plans, but y’all…my lesson plans are FINISHED!!!!

I even have substitute plans written and printed for the three days I’m taking off the end of May.

I give God full credit for helping me have a vision for each week.

I am thrilled beyond belief.

This buys me time to work on my end-of-the-year slideshows that I always create for my classes, but that’s the fun stuff.

Oh boy, I’m seeing that summer sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

June 1st cannot get here fast enough!!

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