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Off on the Right Foot

Wow!  It’s been eleven days since my last post, and time has just flown by!

The first couple of weeks back in school went amazingly well.  Students readjusted swimmingly.  I think they were a little relieved to jump back into my very structured classroom routine.  We spent this week testing; the kids had early release yesterday and today.  Teachers worked, and I made the most of my time, polishing off the next two weeks’ worth of lesson plans.

Go me.

Since the week after Christmas, I’ve ramped up my exercise regimen, adding afternoon walks/jogs to the mix.  I’ve taken the dogs when the temperature hasn’t been too cool to go outside.  They have loved their little adventures!  I’ve loved the extra calories burned and the late-afternoon endorphin rush.

My morning workout routines have been going great as well.  It’s not as hard, most days, to wake up at 4:15.  Sometimes I dread certain parts of workouts, but I always remind myself of how accomplished I’ll feel when I’m finished.  I take daily selfies to motivate myself.  I have my “I feel fat” days, and they can be incredibly discouraging.  I’m eating about 400 more calories each day, and I worry about adding flab to my body; however, I’m burning between three and four hundred more calories with the TurboFire program I’m doing, so things equal out in the end.  Truth be told, I’m usually at a slight deficit each day.  Still, those feelings of insecurity are never far from the surface, so I struggle.  Hence the pictures, and the visuals of how I really look, not how my mind distorts my self image.

A forty-minute video sometimes yields high caloric burns, depending on my level of effort (which can be tough when the birds aren’t even chirping at that dark hour of the morning)…

Some routines don’t burn a lot of calories immediately, but my body is so worked up, that I burn more calories throughout the day simply because my body is in overdrive.

All of the exercising AND the return to school, grading, and advance lesson planning wore me out though.  This afternoon, I intended to take a short power nap.  It turned into an hour and a half of glorious sleep that I was awakened from because of a phone call.  Thank heavens.  I probably would have slept all night.

This has probably been one of my best starts of a new year.  I am taking care of my family by doing my work AT work.  I’m taking care of myself by getting up early, putting in the time, and then decompressing when I get home.

I have, literally and figuratively, started off on the right foot, and I couldn’t be happier.

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