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We Be Jambin’

Back in late July or early August, I made a drastic change.

I took off my acrylics.

I wanted to save a little money, and it was getting increasingly difficult to set aside time for my appointments.

I’ve worn them on and off over the years, so I wasn’t surprised at how ragged they were.  The acrylic and drill had ravaged them.

I bought a treatment (pictured above) to help out.  It did.  A little.  I knew, though, that time would heal best.

I started school without fancy nails.

I was slightly mortified.  I am known for my fancy (and perhaps over-the-top) designs.

I missed my pampering sessions, though.

I remembered that my friend, Heather, sold Jamberry, so I decided to place an order.

I went all out, taking advantage of the Buy 3, Get 1 Free deal on sheets.  I also purchased a starter kit (the pouch above) and a small heater.

Heather came by my house to hand-deliver the heater, which she happened to have in stock (the rest had to be ordered through her website).  She gave me some pointers on how to apply the wraps.

A few days later, while watching college football, I got down to business.

I’d watched a few videos, so I felt prepared.

I watched them again as I applied the wraps.

About an hour later, my nails were finished.

Yes, I did that.

All by myself, thank you very much.

I was curious how they would hold up.

A day or two later, I noticed the tips wanting to peel a bit.  They were a little rough as they started to lift.

I did some research and learned a few tips.

First of all, it’s suggested in some videos that you file the tips at a 45-degree angle.  What you’re doing is wearing off a barely-discernible bit of wrap from the edge of the nail.  By smoothing it down, there’s nothing right on the end to lift.

I’m telling you…you can’t see where you’ve filed it.

Heather had suggested using a baggie to wrap each nail, pulling each wrap tightly while heating it a few seconds.  Google that.  It’s pretty easy and effective, in my opinion.

I also watched a video that demonstrated how to ever so slightly heat a flat iron and, while it’s cooling, use the corner of it to smooth down bubbles to start forming.

I’ll admit that I did that too.

Without burning myself.

Go me.

I only had to do that one time.  Once I figured out the 45-degree filing tip, I didn’t have further issues.

My wraps stayed on two weeks until I was ready to change them.

Two weeks later and still looking great!

I was hooked within the first few days and ordered more wraps so I’d be ready when it was time to change them.

Removing the first set was extremely easy after I watched a couple of videos.  One concern I’d had was damage to my nails afterward; however, my nails were in better shape than when I’d begun!  If you ever try this, look for a video that demonstrates how to use a dental floss stick to slide under the wrap after it’s been soaked in either nail polish remover or lemon juice.

Less than an hour later, since I had already become a pro, I was all set.

Please note two of the wraps…my running girl (in honor of my first 5k) and the inspirational words.

Too.  Awesome.

This weekend, I’m planning on applying my third set of wraps.

They’ll be fall-themed.

I’m psyched!

Now, here’s something i want to put out there.

I’m buying these through my friend, Heather.  If you’ve read my blog over the years, you might remember my story about Heather.  She became a single mom after her husband passed away from cancer a few years ago.  To support her family while she stayed home to care for her children and later attended nursing school, she started selling Scentsy and Jamberry.

She’s back to working full-time outside of the home but still supplements her income.

She needs our help.  She’s been getting used to working a full schedule again and hasn’t had as much time to promote her Jamberry stuff.

I agreed to host an online party for her because I love this product so much.

Can you help her reach her goal this month?  She needs another $90 in sales to hit her magic number in order to maintain her active status with the company and, thus, keep earning some money for her family.

Here’s the link to the party.  It closes at 11:59 on Saturday, the 31st.

Join me in a “Jam” session so we can be Jambin’ together.

Ya mon.

(Go ahead and roll your eyes.  I know you want to.)

One Response

  1. Mine still look brand new – its 2 weeks on Saturday so I’m going to be changing out. I am so impressed with them… & cant decide what look I’m going for next 🙂
    PS – I got my dental floss sticks already ready to go 🙂

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