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Early Morning Rain Shawl

I did a lot of knitting during my summer vacation.  I shared some of it in this post.

I thought it was past time that I wrote about a project I finished in August.

This is my Early Morning Rain Shawl.

I discovered this pattern when I went yarn shopping one day in June and fell in love with the Wolle’s Yarn Creations…

The owner of the yarn store showed me the shawl she was working on, and I knew I had to make one for myself.

I bought the yarn, beads (oy vey), and a Verna-X Beadle Needle…

I cast on July 19th.  The work was a little slow going at first.  Learning how to pull beads through my new tool wasn’t very easy; however, I watched the following video a few times and got faster…

The open lacework made my heart happy…I do love this type of knitting.

The pattern is written in a narrative format with sections divided into chapters.  It makes for lovely reading.

I wasn’t able to knit to the end of the pattern; the way it’s written, you can customize it a bit.  My gauge runs a little big.  I was only short a few rows.  Next time, I’ll buy one more skein of yarn so I won’t get stressed out.

The overall look of the shawl wasn’t affected in the least.

It’s a rather long shawl that drapes nicely with the added weight of the beads.

One of the things that made this pattern so enjoyable to knit was how each section changed.  It wasn’t monotonous garter stitch that went on forever.

The fringe freaked me out a little…at first.  It wound up being a piece of cake to work up.

This is a versatile scarf…perfect for casual wear…

When I bought the yarn, I envisioned wearing it to dinner at the beach.  The Mr. and I enjoy eating at various restaurants that have an ocean view.  The breeze is sometimes a bit cool for me.  The cotton yarn is light enough to take the edge off without making me sweat.  The open lace also helps.

It was a fairly quick knit.  I finished on August 10th, right before I had to head back to school.

I think it’s already become one of my favorite shawls!

2 Responses

  1. Beautiful!

  2. The shawl is stunning, and you look fabulous wearing it.

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