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Unplanned Upgrade

Yesterday, I posted about my family’s trip to Universal Studios.

I thought I’d share about a little BIG mishap that occurred during that weekend.

After Chicky got to our hotel, we hopped on a bus to take us to the park.  I decided to check in with my social media sites during the ride, but alas, I made a sad discovery when I pulled my phone out of the crossover purse I always use on trips…

Ever since I purchased my iPhone 5s nearly two years ago, I’d kept it in a LifeProof case.

Have I dropped it a few times?  Of course.  The case had always worked perfectly, though.  That’s why I was super-confused about how the screen had cracked.  I had just used my phone in my hotel room while I waited for Chicky to arrive.

I was slightly devastated but, after discovering that the phone itself still worked, I decided to carry on and not let it spoil my weekend.

I love technology, so not brooding was a purposeful decision.

Still, I tried to figure out what I could do.  Although I had been paying for phone insurance, I knew my deductible would be about $200.  I was due for an upgrade in January, so the thought of paying so much money when I was going to purchase a new phone at that time just set wrong with me.

There really wasn’t anything I could do while I was out of town.

All I knew was that I could hardly see my screen, so I had to come up with a solution when I got home.

That Monday afternoon, I greeted the dogs when I got home and headed out to the Sprint store.  After grilling the rep endlessly about my options, I wound up ordering an iPhone 6 Plus, the model I’d had my eye on for months, and signed up for the iPhone for Life plan.

I’m not keen on “leasing” my phone.  Everything in me screams out that renting is NOT good; however, this is the way that most phone companies are going these days, so my hands were tied.

Three days later, a package arrived…

In face, quite a few packages arrived that evening (more on the other packages in a later post…if I ever get around to it).

I had ordered a Speck case and a Tech Armor screen protector from Amazon.  I really, really like the new case…

I’ve got a small issue with the screen protector; there is one small area around the Home button that didn’t adhere.  I’m working with the company to get a replacement.

Other than that, I’m loving the new phone…especially the 5.5″ screen.  I had backed up all of my apps, pictures, and other information in iTunes while I’d waited for the new phone to arrival.  This made setup of the 6 Plus so much easier.

I like that my battery is lasting a lot longer between charging.  My old phone had started shutting down at 40%…a big deal considering how much I’m away from home, either working at school or running errands.

I’ll admit that I don’t like it when my hand is forced; however, things wound up ending well, so I can’t complain too much.

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