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Back Away from the Weights

Yesterday, I headed to the gym determined…

That’s my “Don’t mess with me” face.


I had some things on my mind but knew I needed to head to the gym and not use my preoccupied state as an excuse to skip…

Even if it was leg day.


I did a couple of rounds on the leg press machine and decided I needed to go up in weight, so I started looking for the ten pounders.

It took me a few minutes because, as I said, I had things on my mind.  I was also trying to listen to World Cup stuff on the radio.  It’s safe to say that I wasn’t all there (not that I’m ever all there).

I finally found the weight I needed, so I started to take one off of the bar.

That’s when I heard a guy laughingly say, “So now you’re taking my weights?”

It took me a second to register what he meant…because I am slow that way…and a little blonde.

That’s when I realized that the bar I thought was holding weights for the gym was actually the chest press bar that SOMEONE WAS USING.

I have never, ever done this before.

I was mortified.

I quickly apologized and explained that I was distracted and not operating on all cylinders.  He assured me I could have the weights, adding insult to injury.  I walked away and found the plates I needed somewhere else.


This is my life.

But it gets better.

After finishing up on the leg press machine, I started removing the plates from it.

And then I discovered another consequence of my distracted mind.

On one side, I’d loaded a 25 pounder.

The right side…a 35 pounder.

So now my legs are going to be uneven.

Need I remind you that this is my life.

For real.

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