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How Teachers Celebrate

If you’ve read my blog since August, you know it’s been a long year for me.

New standards…a new state test…a disappointing VAM score.


This past week, students and teachers endured four very long day of reading tests.

I personally proctored 720 minutes of said tests.

The students were incredible!  Props to my Guidance department for its organization.  Shout-out to my fellow proctors.  By Thursday, Mr. A and I had our routine down pat.

Grades that didn’t test had delayed starts each day, so the first class didn’t have to report for duty until 1:05.

On Thursday, the LAST day of testing, I happily closed the door of the testing lab for the final time this go-round.

After I had returned my test materials to the guidance counselors and wheeled my cooler back to my classroom, I knew I needed a way to get rid of the adrenaline flowing through my body.

With one eye watching my classroom door, I let loose…

When I got home, I dared to post it on Instagram.

And Facebook.

Because, if you’ll remember, I am “basic.”  Look it up in Urban Dictionary if you don’t understand the term.


Rooster commented on the video, and when I didn’t understand, I called him.  He was at work, you see.

He explained that he was questioning my sanity because there wasn’t any music playing.

I assured him that there was music playing in my head.

Please don’t get out a white jacket, okay?

I’m fine.  Really.

But…his words stuck with me, so I turned on my internet-enabled television and got on Youtube.

Oh yes I did.

I found the song that I should have danced to earlier…

And I posted that on Instagram.

And Facebook.

The Mr. called about this time.

“Hey, what are you up to?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing.  Just hanging out,” I said.


You see, a teacher builds up a LOT of stress during the year.

I had more moves to share…more extra energy with which to share with…

And I posted that on Instagram.

And Facebook.

Be thankful that Instagram has a limit of fifteen seconds, because I danced for the length of BOTH songs.


You guys know how much I love Dancing with the Stars.  For a number of years, I have often said that there should be a show called Dancing with the Teachers.

Do you think I’d be a good candidate or would you be more inclined to agree with the following picture that a friend posted on my wall today?


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