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Better Late Than Never!

One of the things my sister posted about me, when she bid me birthday tidings on Facebook last week,was that she loved, after my being a lover/follower of Christ, my goofiness.

Well, folks, today’s incident fell right into line with my usual antics.

I’d been invited to a baby shower and had this afternoon earmarked for the event.

At first, I had planned on buying a gift; however, last weekend, I cast on and completed the Lacy Baby Hat and Baby Ballerina Booties you see pictured below…

Both were quick knits that I was able to finish and post for March’s classes in the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup.

Remember that I am a nerd.

I figured I’d pick up something from the mom-to-be’s baby registry at a local store to finish off her gift; however, when I spied a pattern for Spring Seamless Baby Shoes, I knew another hat would follow as well.

Found the buttons at Joann’s Fabrics

After searching on Ravelry, I found a pattern for a Baby Girl Sun Hat, which I knit up in a little over a day.  It helped having Good Friday off.  I caught up on DVRd shows and knit a good portion of the day…

I burned the midnight oil, working until 2am with still the purling and brim to go.  I picked up where I left off this morning.

I worked feverishly late morning and early afternoon to finish that hat.

I talked to my friend, Barb, as I was sewing the last few things together.  She mentioned, two times, about letting me go so I could get to the shower.  I laughingly replied that I was finishing the project as we spoke.

Her words would come back to haunt me a couple of hours later.

Finally, the second set was complete and photos taken…

The hats and booties made a lovely package…

I showered, said goodbye to the Mr., and headed out.

I was gong to be right on time for the 4pm shower, and we were going to eat dinner out afterward.

And then…as I got to the stop sign in my neighborhood, I thought, “Self, take a look at the invitation just to make sure you have the right date.”

This was despite having talked to Barb about the shower a couple of hours before.

I didn’t trust myself because, just a few weeks before today, I’d shown up early to a Premier Jewelry party that was hosted by my friend, Cinda…who also happened to be hosting today’s baby shower.

So, as I looked at the invitation, my heart fell…

The shower had been scheduled for 2pm, not 4, as I’d thought.

Yes, I had the date correct, but somehow, the size and placement of that 4 had stuck with me.





I was still in the neighborhood, so I went back home.  The Mr. laughed as I told him what I’d done.

I asked him for advice about what to do at that point (like a guy is going to know how to handle a faux pas like this).

He shook his head in bewilderment before suggesting I call the hostess.

I tried, to no avail.

I texted but got no response.

The Mr. then suggested that I drive on over.  Living in Podunk, USA has its advantages sometimes…one of which is the fact that nobody lives very far from anybody else.

So I sheepishly loaded myself into my car, long pretty dress, beaded flip flops, and lipstick too.


Yes, I’d gotten gussied up.

For a party I was going to be two and a half hours late to.

As I drove to the party, another problem ensued.

Despite my GPS directions and the fact that both of my children had grown up going to friends’ houses in this neighborhood, I could not find the right side street.


I called Chicky on the way to explain my dilemma.  To which she’d called me out for what I was, “Stupid.”  Leave it to a daughter to not mince words, eh?

I persisted with my drive because being stubborn means you don’t quit.

I finally found the house…just in time to see the precious mom-to-be, a young lady only a year older than my Chicky, her mom, and her sister walking out of the hostess’s house, last present in hand and purses hanging from their arms.

They were about to leave.

Yes, I was mortified.


Welcome to my life, where this kind of thing happens much more frequently than I like (thank heavens they do though, or else this blog would be mighty boring to read).

I got out of my car and admitted that despite being an Intensive Reading teacher, I’d misread the invitation.

The mom-to-be’s mom, a friend of mine, graciously explained that with the medical crisis my own mom had recently been though, it was no wonder I’d mixed things up.

So sweet, eh?

I brushed off her kindness by telling her that I had recently developed a reputation for not making it to events as instructed by invitations.


We had a good laugh while the mom-to-be opened her gift…

And ooohed and ahhhhed…making me happy that I’d gone ahead and driven over.

These are precious people, in case I haven’t already said that.

Their Southern charm shone through.

My antics today, though, fed into the social awkwardness I already struggle with.

I stress out when driving some place new.

I get nervous when I need to attend shindigs like today’s.

I worry about looking stupid when (not if) I make a social error…because the Lord knows I missed the hand-off when He was passing out social graces.

I managed to commit all of these blunders today.

Despite my struggles, God’s love came through, in the gift that was exchanged and the sweet grace that flowed from all involved.

It was better to be late because if I hadn’t shown up at all, I wouldn’t have gotten to be a part of this young lady’s special day.


One Response

  1. To your defense, the PM under the four certainly makes it look like the party is at 4PM. I think I would have made the same mistake.

    Love the hats and booties. 😍

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