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How You Represent Yourself

Because my schedule was chaotic the past two weeks, I’ve spent the last few days catching up with my DVR’d shows.

One show I missed while I was out of town was Dancing With the Stars.

As I wrote the past two days’ blog posts, I had one eye on the second episode but had to pause it after hearing Charlotte McKinney’s interview before her dance.

Snagged from the DWTS website

This young lady is drawing a lot of criticism, and her comments during the second episode made me want to go, “Huh?”

Let’s get real, folks.  This girl was selected for her sex appeal.  She drew a lot of attention for a certain Super Bowl ad that featured a commodity she’s banking big (literally and figuratively) bucks on…her bust.

That’s her right, I’ll give her that, but the way she was introduced on DWTS during the first episode basically set the stage for how she was cast.  The whole naked-melon bit was off-putting…to myself and probably others in TV land.

Can you blame people for speaking out?

During the interview I just finished watching, she bemoans the negative feedback she’s been getting and even calls it bullying.

There’s a fine line between saying what you think and belittling.  I’ll give you that.  I work in a high school where this line is crossed all the time.


Charlotte is an adult making grownup decisions.

She’s making choices about how she wants to represent herself.

Agreeing to be in an ad that focuses on her boobs…participating in a blip that has so much sexual innuendo…has set her up for those negative comments.

Charlotte is a beautiful girl, I’ll grant you that, but that beauty has been cheapened by personal choices.

Every day, we choose to represent ourselves by the way we speak, the clothing we wear, and the way we conduct our everyday lives, whether at work, school, or play.

Should Charlotte be called stupid or dumb?  No.  That really is not kind.  However, did she come across as sounding superficial during her first interview.  Well…yeah.  That’s not to say that she is deep down inside, but by playing into the “role” that ABC cast her in, she makes people think that there’s not as much going on a little further up past her cleavage.

I have a feeling there’s a lot more going on in her brain than what most people are privileged to see.  She’s obviously a business person capable of making good deals (or has a good handler who excels at savvy deals).  She needs to do herself a favor, create an image that doesn’t rely on sex appeal as a sales tactic, and move on from there.

I think that will stop the negative comments and give her more credibility when taking her stand against bullying.  I’ll be cheering for her if/when she does make changes.

2 Responses

  1. Certainly glad I don’t have cable anymore because I cannot tolerate most of the programs that are being broadcast.

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