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Shaking Off the Glums

You know when you get a song stuck in your head, and it just WILL. NOT. GO. AWAY.

Yeah, that was me…yesterday afternoon.

I’ve been so dad-gum gloomy lately.


There has been such a fog of negativity hanging over my head for a while now, and I am sick of myself!


Is it any coincidence that Shake it Off kept playing in my mind?


And Over.

And Over.

For fun, I googled “Shake it Off” and “teaching.”

I watched a number of videos and found this one…so cute because 1) It’s a high school and 2) The teachers’ and administrators’ personalities shine through (my favorite is the track coach)…

I’m seriously considering having a brain break in my classroom and letting kids Shake Off the stress they’ve been feeling lately.

I’ll have to tell the kids that twerking is not allowed.


Music is one place I turn to when I need to lift my spirits, and this song fits the bill, both in the lyrics and the fun rhythm.

I am determined to beat the blues…even if I have to dance them away.

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