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Two Weeks of Silence

Dear Blog,

It’s been over two weeks since I last posted, and for that, I’m feeling quite guilty.

This teaching thing is, quite honestly, kicking my arse.

I cannot even begin to explain how nearly impossible teaching has become.

I walk out of each professional development session feeling increasingly inept and inadequate.

I worry endlessly about covering everything my students will need to be successful on new and yet-unproven State assessments.

Most nights, I come home and do this…

I even…gasp…fell asleep at 8:30 one night!!!

Chicky’s 23rd birthday came and went with nary a mention here.

Sorry, sweet girl.  You’re a teacher, like your old mama, so you graciously understood my inability to prepare and ship the chocolate chip cake you’d requested.

You’ll get it during Spring Break, if I can muster up the energy.

Despite my fatigue, I’ve managed to get out and walk around the neighborhood with a friend several times…

I dug deep to clean my neglected kitchen…

One day, I left the house with its white refrigerator…

…and returned to find a brand spanking new, stainless steel, model…

I’ll begin posting more regularly…even (possibly) daily…soon.

Writing is my outlet…it is my way of reaching through the confusion that surrounds me to make sense of my hodgepodge of emotions.

Sometimes, though, silence is good.  It can be that much-needed time of rest when the body and mind just can’t travel another inch.

3 Responses

  1. How well I remember the evenings when I fell asleep in the recliner and had to drag myself to bed. That’s a part of teaching that I don’t miss.

  2. Sometimes it’s good to get away from blogging for a little while; even if you didn’t intend to!

  3. I think sometimes we all need a break from things. I took a break last year. In fact I have posted more this month than I did all last year. Just felt like I needed some time away and now I feel refreshed! I feel for you teachers and pray for you all regularly.

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