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Early Christmas Morning Musings

Although I am 44 years old, there resides inside of me the heart of a child.

This I felt as each minute ticked by last night.

To put it simply, I could not go to sleep.

I tried everything…

Praying…for EVERYONE.

I thought about books I’d recently read.

I tried to picture what it was like that very first Christmas when the shepherds heard the Good News.

I envisioned Mary, sitting in awe as the Magi came to see her baby.

I believe I dozed off for a while, only to awakened around 3:30am.

I never really went back to sleep. I’m sure there’s a nap in my not-too-distant future.

Finally, I gave up and got dressed.


In case you need proof of the time, take a look…


Cali and I had some quality time together…


We enjoyed the view of the tree…


As I type this, I’m still waiting for the rest of my crew to get up.


It pales in comparison to that which was felt by all who waited for the Savior.

His arrival was not what people expected. I sincerely doubt that in that day and age, where stories of formidable gods and goddesses abounded, anyone expected the King of Kings to descend upon them so humbly.

A few willing hearts recognized Him, though. Their diligent waiting paid off, and they were rewarded with the revelation given to few so early on.

I pray that I will always carry with me this child-like anticipation…daily looking for God’s revelations to me in the midst of everyday tasks.

I am humbled that He came down, in the mere form of a human, to save the likes of me.

Merry Christmas, my friends

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