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Vacation Shenanigans – Part 2

We are the family that likes to be as close to the front of the line as possible.  This translates to checking out of the hotel early to drive to Port Everglades.

I didn’t mind though, as evidenced by my smile…

We stopped at a Walgreens on the way, picking up last-minute items.  We bought our youngest nephew a Nerf ball to throw around.  We are awesome that way.

Poor Walgreens.  Store employees were probably glad to see our large group of ten pay and depart.

We kept on driving, went through the security checkpoint at the port, and pulled up to the terminal.  It was exciting to see our ship come into view…

We filled out the required health forms, assuring the Powers-That-Be that we weren’t sick with the flu or some other stomach ailment.

Then we waited.

I got in trouble when I pulled out my camera…an early Christmas present from the Mr….and started taking pictures.

By the way, that’s my first SLR camera!  I have much to learn.

Anyhoo, apparently there’s some sort of rule that you’re not supposed to take pictures inside the waiting area.  There were no signs posted…only a rude employee who persisted in giving me the stank eye across the room.


We only had to wait about an hour before we boarded.

This was the cleanest our room would be the entire trip.  Imagine four people’s stuff in there!!

I stepped out on the balcony and got a better look at the Intercoastal…

After eating lunch, we walked around the ship to get our bearings.

Super Sis giggled as she took the following picture…

Folks, we were STILL IN PORT and that man behind me was in his skivvies.


Later, everyone headed to our rooms so we could watch as we left port.  The weather was divine…humid but still warmer from where we’d left the day before.

Dinner that night was delicious.  Sorbet, a milk-free option, was on the menu, so the Mr. and I were happy!

We went to the show in the big theater that night.  It was a preview of the different acts we would be seeing that week.  We eventually hit the hay.  The next day, we would be at sea, en route to Puerto Rico.

One Response

  1. That picture still makes me laugh of that guy behind you 🙂 haha
    Cant wait to hear more about your adventures

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