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Dear Students,

Today was Monday…

Boy, was it ever.

I’ve been home from school for several hours and have had time to reflect on the day.  Now, as I find myself wrapped in my fuzzy white robe, I feel the need to share some of my thoughts.

Because I care, I meticulously plan each day’s lessons…with you in mind.

Because I don’t want to waste a moment of your time, I expect you to begin working immediately when you enter my classroom.

Because I know that you haven’t had the opportunity to travel and experience much of the world yet, I throw mini-lessons into larger strategies…to help you create background knowledge from which to draw upon when you read something later.

Because you don’t have much consistency in your life, I hold you accountable for your actions…good and bad…so you’ll see that there are people in your life you can trust to be the same day in and day out.

Because I want to enlist others in your life in my attempt to create a well-rounded individual, I will call your mama, your daddy, your auntie, and/or your grandmama…whoever is on your list…brag on you or ask for help…so you will see that you have many people on your side, cheering for your success and lifting you up when you fall.

Because I know there is more to life than football, basketball, band, dancing, or cheering, I will expect your best work…each and every time…and I will not “give” you extra points just so you can earn an A to bring up your GPA.  A future employer will care that you mix up “their” with “they’re” or don’t use complete sentences when you write.

Because I don’t believe you will grow without being stretched, I will require that you explain your thinking, analyze evidence, and re-do your work, even if you’re “pissed off at the world…” because I know that life must continue…even on the crappiest of days.

Because I know that you often cannot talk to your mama, your daddy, your auntie, or your grandmama, I will give up my planning and my lunch period to listen to you pour out your heart.  I will wipe your tears, give you a hug, and offer words of consolation without judging you…because you already feel judged by your family, peers, and even strangers.

Because we all have bad days, I will welcome you back into my classroom every day…with a fresh start…ready to lay the previous day to rest.  We all need a fresh start…because we are all in need of forgiveness.

Because I want to build a relationship that speaks of love and respect, I will cry after hard class periods, agonize over the best ways to reach you, hesitate before hitting submit on the discipline referral screen, and pray for better ways to handle differences.  I will mostly blame myself because I am the adult, even when you should be shouldering part of the blame.

Because God has given me the privilege of looking past what others see as “typical teenage behavior,” I will enter each day with whispered prayers of thankfulness and heartfelt requests for guidance when I seem to lack direction.

When it seems as though I’m not on your side, remember that I am still there…not for a paycheck (I could be making a LOT more elsewhere) and not for the “short” days and summers off.  I’m there because I answered the call…because I don’t want to let you down…because I know that it’s only November, and June will be here before we know it…along with tears of sadness because of the bonds that will be forged tightly by then.

Don’t ever doubt my words.

Just because.


Mrs. AuburnChick

4 Responses

  1. Well said! If only every teacher felt that way. . .

  2. I never doubt one minute you have nothing but the kids best interest at heart in all you do in your teaching 🙂

  3. What an excellent post. I can tell just how much you love your kids. They are so fortunate to have someone like you in their life.

    This paragraph…
    “Because we all have bad days, I will welcome you back into my classroom every day…with a fresh start…ready to lay the previous day to rest. We all need a fresh start…because we are all in need of forgiveness.”
    …really touched my heart. Because this works not only for teaching, but for all of our lives. I need to give this fresh start to my co-workers and my family and even to myself. I believe this could totally change my outlook on life.

    While I’ve always know this is true, it is something I often forget to do and I let grudges or anger or hurt feelings build up rather than just forgiving.

    Thank you for the reminder and may God bless you as you work with your students.

  4. Every kid needs a teacher like you! What an inspiration you are to many!

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