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Sparkles and Perspectives

I might have mentioned, a time or two, how I’ve been struggling of late.

This year has already been filled with various challenges…more than I can remember since I began teaching in 2010.

I do not adjust to change very well and like things to be ordered neatly.

I also have trouble understanding the logic that people use to explain their behavior.

I’ve been reading my way through a devotional series on one of my phone apps and came across the reading you see below…

Oh yeah…the struggle is real alright.

I’m hard on myself, professionally and personally, so it’s difficult to deal with weaknesses I find myself wading through.

I’d had a rough morning yesterday but had ended the day well.

My students may be turning a corner.

I say “may” because one can never tell with teenagers.

I left work a little earlier than usual because I had a nail appointment.

I wanted a design that was both feminine and sparkly.

My nail tech generously obliged, even adding a pearl to the center of each flower.

She spoils me.

Because I was the last appointment of the day, the shop was very quiet.

The other girls had left, so my tech and I were by ourselves.

That’s when she opened up to me about some personal struggles she is going through.

Oh word, but I hurt for her.  Just that morning, she had learned of her cousin’s unexpected death.  She’s heading to the funeral in a day or two before she goes to Atlanta for an intense CPA preparation course.

I’m not gonna lie.

I was humbled.  God put me back in my place, let me tell you.

I heard His gentle voice reminding me that the crap I’d gone through that morning was nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Losing a loved one…well…that falls into a league of its own.

As my tech and I talked, we discussed God and His plan for His children’s lives.  Although she and I have different philosophies, it was a healthy dialogue.  I pray that God was speaking through my carefully uttered words.

We talked for at least an hour after my nails were dry.

The Chinese takeout I’d ordered from next door was growing cold.

It didn’t matter.

God was giving me some new perspectives from which to reflect upon life.

He reminded me that He is on His throne, no matter what’s going on in life, be it petty issues at work…


Or major life-changing events such as what my friend experienced.

I have got to learn to stop worrying about stuff or people that 1) I cannot change and 2) I cannot control.

For a teacher, I can be a slowwwwwwww learner.

At least I’m looking pretty with my sparkles while I’m in this school we call life.

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