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A DWTS Monday

Today was special.

I left work pretty early considering the massive amounts of to-do items that are constantly on my list…

I began getting antsy around 5pm…

Yep.  It was that time again…time for fringe and booty shakes.

In other words, it was the premier of the new Dancing With the Stars show!!!!

I’m not gonna lie.

I think I already have a favorite…Carlton from Fresh Prince


He was amazing!!

Poor Lolo…her arms…her body…they are gorgeous from her Olympic training, but her dancing…egads!  Poor girl.

Sadie Robertson was precious, with a Capital P, though.  I’ve never watched her family’s series…yes…I’m from the South.  Sue me.  I think her youthful innocence will, once again, allow people to see what living a Christian life is like…

Tonight’s episode was a much needed respite from work stress that seems to overwhelm me lately.

Did you watch?  What did you think?


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