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Old School Hodgepodge

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to learn a few more random facts about me!  Link up with Joyce after you post your own answers on your blog!

1.  What’s something you wanted to do this summer that you never got around to actually doing?

I really needed to rearrange my kitchen cabinets…donate things I don’t use (which is a lot of stuff) and get new glasses I purchased a few months ago OFF of my counter tops.  Yeah.  That didn’t happen.  I chose to sleep…and read…and knit instead.  Priorities!!

2.  Share a favorite memory of your own back -to-school days as a child.

The main thing I remember about going back to school was when I was a teenager and got to see friends again after a long summer apart.

3.  What’s one chore or daily task you prefer doing ‘old-school’ ?

I don’t use my dishwasher…haven’t for years and years.  I read, once, that it’s not healthy for people with chronic illnesses.  The Mr. has Crohn’s Disease.  Thus, I wash dishes the old fashioned way.

4.  Share something you’ve learned in life through the ‘school of hard knocks.’

I have learned that I am usually more thoughtful of people than they are of me and will go out of my way for others.  I feel as though I am always the person to go above and beyond in friendships, and it hurts my feelings when others don’t do the same.  Perhaps I’m just not a person that makes a lot of close friends.  As a result, I find it hard to give my heart easily because I don’t want to feel left out.  This sounds so elementary-ish, doesn’t it?  Scars from childhood rejection run deeply, you see.  Still, I try to fake the smile, as the saying goes, and plug right on along in life.

5.  As a child, did you mostly bring or buy your lunch for school? What was your favorite thing to find in your lunchbox?

As the child of an often-single-mom, I took my lunch.  I think it was usually bologna.  I lived for Ding Dongs.  Oh gosh…those were so good!!!

6.  Football season is upon us which has me wondering… how big of a sports fan are you (not just football) ? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being ‘I scream at the players through my television screen‘ and 1 being ‘is knitting a sport?’ where do you fall in fandom? 

Um, hello?  Have you seen my blog name?  AuburnChick isn’t for auburn hair (I’m a natural blonde).  I am a die-hard Auburn University fan.

You might remember when I met this famous quarterback-turned-Auburn-recruiter (one of the best in the nation).  He doesn’t know this, but I consider him a member of my family now…

I got to hug this amazingingly patient, kind young man…former Auburn quarterback!

Yes, I’m probably a 10 as far as fandom goes, but I do knit my way through games.  Ahem.

I had a bit of fun with April last weekend as our teams vied against each other.  We kept up a running Twitter discussion throughout the game.

Folks, don’t let her suave Southern words fool you.  She’s pure football evil, let me tell you.

For the record, MY TEAM WON.  There was no emoji for a white flag.


(I might be a tad evil too.)

7.  Share a favorite quote you think might inspire students of all ages at the start of a new school year. 

Oh, how I love this prompt with me being a high school teacher!!!!

I found this quote by Winston Churchill.  I really need to add it to a poster in my classroom.

Success is not final,

Failure is not fatal.

It is the courage to continue that counts.

My wonderful students are often discounted because of the difficulty they have with their reading comprehension.

My students are heroes, though, because they keep coming back to school, and they keep trying.

To me, they epitomize courage.

8.  My Random Thought

Speaking of football pride, check out my nails, which I got done on Saturday.

Neener, neener.  My nail tech is better than yours!!  🙂

3 Responses

  1. I love the quote. And the nails : ) Go VOLS!

  2. What a balll we had with our Twitter “throwdown”! That made watching the game all the more fun! Just wish my Hogs had pulled out a big win over your Tigers, but it will be on like Donkey Kong the next time around…bet on it! 😉

  3. Nice nails! Knitting is always a priority over cleaning cupboards.

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